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    Rate the priest above you please!!

    I was looking for some Elite advice....any advice is good advice...Thank you in advance

    Let me know on gear, reforges,gems etc

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    To much spirit as disc imo, depending on ur role i would go with less haste more crit as tank healer or keep ur master/haste balanced like now while reforging all that spirit away to either of those secondary stats, to me u have like 1k to 800 spirit to much.

    Change trinket (prefere int trinkets) or reforge out of spirit on that spirit trinket.
    If u planning on going holy, keep some spirit but u could still lose around 300 to 400 spirit imo and keep ur haste mastery balanced.

    Can't link my armory now, pvp geared (terrible season 9 and some 10, as im not doing much pvp).

    Get more int, red gems in Head,Chest,Gloves and Belt and enchant offhand.
    For now i would rate ur gear as Disc being a 4.5, change spirit, get static int trinket and red gems and ill give u a 6 and for ur name i give u an extra .5 so totalling out 6.5

    (i would rate my own gear to be 6.5 if i think of it ill link it when im home and logged out in proper gear)
    Cant give higher as higher means walking in more 397/403 gear.

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    As DerrHans said lose your spirit 3.3k is way too much ( you have 2.3k more then me ) and your other stats are suffering because of it, drop it to around 2.5k and reforge into whatever other stats you like.

    That being said the only reason why you would need such high spirit would be if you are casting mainly PW:shield in spam mode to which if you are doing that and plan to stay healing in that way then dropping spirit may not be a good idea.

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