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    Spine of DW Recount Numbers

    We wiped for a few hours on normal Spine of DW last night with the following healing comp: disc x 1, holy x 1, shaman x 1, holy pally x 1, resto druid x 2. I played holy for this fight and predicted disc would be less effective because of the Searing Plasma mechanic, but I was surprised as hell to see absolute pwn on our beloved Recount of the disc and holy pally. Our disc priest was, I think, poh spamming and put up huge DA numbers that accounted for something like 40-50% of her heals. Meanwhile, the holy pally was putting out similar numbers via Holy Radiance and Illuminated Healing. Looking at top heals on WoL, it's all resto druids and a few holy priests, maybe a pally or two. Our shaman, disc, and pally were usually top three heals while the druids and holy priest languished at the bottom. So what gives? Is Recount exaggerating the effect of DA and Illuminated Healing shields on this fight or are they really that good?

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    Healing on this fight isn't measured accurately by recount. The searing plasma debuff from the Corruption tentacles puts a 200k healing absorb on its victim. It can't be dispelled, only 'healed off'. Because it is 'wasted healing' as far as recount is concerned, a large chunk of direct healing on this fight is not recorded. Since druids and holy priests do not have absorb mechanics, they are going to be unusually low in terms of visible healing throughput on this fight. I don't really understand why the shaman wouldn't suffer the same was as the druids and holy priest, but I would assume he's making up for the absorb problem by performing better during the nuclear blast phases when everyone is stacked and taking a lot of damage when his HR/CH is far superior to any other healer's capability.

    Basically, don't trust healing meters, especially on this fight. The mechanics are not accurately shown by recount. If the top parses on WoL are druids and priests, I suspect that WoL has corrected the measurement of healing on this fight to show what's really going on.
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    Yea world of logs sees the debuff and healing done on a player with the debuff as healing done not overheal, because of this our druid in 10 mans actually had less overhealing done then my self since over all there isn't actually that much damage being done to the raid and most of my DA shields where wasted.

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    Nitro, are you positive? WoL thinks I have >80% overheal on Serenity, Gheal, and Heal for this fight. Somehow I think absorb heals are going to overheal for me.

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    We have not downed it yet but as you can see from my casts overhealing is quite minor with DA being the biggest offender, if direct heals on targets with the debuff showed up as overhealing then I would have much more of it on all spells.

    This is the same log showing total healing + over healing http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/c...?s=6513&e=6817
    When was the last time you seen a Resto druid with as little over healing as shown

    We rarely got to the stage where the large mob superheated at 9 stacks so the logs are showing mainly the healing done for the very minor random damage going on and the odd tentacle grasp thing can't remember the name of it so most of our healing was focused on those people with the debuff.

    Tbh I didn't think WoL would recognize the debuff and expected a load of overhealing when reviewing the logs so the fact that it turned out to be the opposite was actually quite surprising.
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