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    Bottled Wishes vs Reflection of the Light as Discipline.

    I've been lurking in these forums here and there and it seems the common consensus for Spirit as a Discipline priest is around 2.5k to 3k. So, my question is, would it be worth it to get the Bottled Wishes instead of Reflection of the Light as a Discipline priest? It would be pretty sweet to double as a Shadow Trinket too.

    Thanks in advance
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    Always Int trinkets for disc...

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    I've never been a fan of on-use throughput trinkets for healing, but I value haste over spirit at this gear level (and I run with 2.3k and no replenishment in the raid atm QQ). If you actually need the regen over 2.5-2.7k spirit you need to do one of the following:

    bitch slap your raiders for standing in stupid stuff
    better manage your rapture procs and/or use HOH more
    trust your other healers to do their jobs

    Edit: That said, I'm not going to buy either and just wait for 397 Int trinkets. I wouldn't even jump up and down for the spirit trinket off spine, it would be used for the holy spec I don't even have atm.

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    My sims are showing Bottled Wishes as the worst healing trinket this tier, even to the point that you should keep norm EoBP or jaws instead of buying it. Not quite ready to do a full post on the subject, though. RoL comes in slightly ahead of HC EoBP/Jaws on long fights, slightly behind on short fights - for HOLY, haven't run that one for disc yet.

    Frankly if you're looking for healing throughput trinkets I'd be looking hard at windward heart / seal of seven signs. I fully recognize that haste procs are sub-optimal, but you have my recommendation ><.

    I still think Heart of Unliving will prove to be best for every healer in the game, most fights this tier. You just have to shift more towards haste to dump the extra mana quickly enough. This is something my counterpart disc priest is doing, and she's having great success so far (ranked on madness this week with that strategy, while I missed my ranking by 700 hps )
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