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    (Halps) Need help with my dps please and spec and rotation and....

    Hi i recently signed up for teamfind.com and i am really excitedz to do arena or even rated bg. Hell even just plain old bg will do. Asked my boss to give me 2 weeks off starting next week I need to recharge by pulling all nighters.

    Anyway been so busy with work so i didnt have time to play for a while, but lately I have developed a newfound love to my old priest and healing is fine but i realized i cant live long enough to do my job as a disc, so i go shadow, thing is i think i am confused a lot by it.

    I am specced correctly and hasting a lot, but against the wishes of my previous arena partner (a super warrio) i dont want to use the full set shadow gear, i use the head , shoulders and the rest are mooncloth set. why? because of the haste i will lose.

    I also want to ask regarding PVE that I was mind searing the tank on LFR and he called me out told me why the hell I was mind searing him. Did i miss anything? Did blizz change anything...cause as far as i can remember if there are 3-more mobs u must mind sear the tank, but if its 2 or 1 dont bother.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sorry I can't help in regards to your PvP question but as far as mind sear goes why is it you must mind sear when it's 3 or more targets, if they are 3 large targets then you would be better multi dotting then mind searing or just straight up single targeting them down.

    The tank getting pissed because you targeted him just tells you he is a ignorant tank that doesn't understand how the spell works he must have thought that you where doing damage to him also which is not the case, they did however change MS so it does damage to the enemy mob that you cast it on instead of just all mobs around it so I could see how a non priest could mistake that as possibly doing damage to them, either way it's still easier to cast it on the tank then to have it on a mob that may die mid cast.
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