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    Hagara the Stormbinder - 10 Man Healing Question

    Hey guys, I just have a simple question for you!
    I raid with my 10-man guild, and we typically one/two shot Hagara, and I usually always pull ~19k HPS, but I am having trouble on the ice phase.
    I'm a holy priest, and I usually spend most of my time healing in AoE chakra, but would I benefit more from single target healing during that phase?
    Just wondering if you guys have any tips for that fight to further increase my HPS! Thanks!
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    Im confused, there is zero raid damage in the ice phase? Are we thinking of the same fight? It is late and i'm tired.

    Also, why do you need to increase your HPS on a fight that you are steamrolling every time?
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    Ice phase? Stay in AoE chakra and keep renews rollin if any1 is taking damage (which they shouldn't)

    Are you are talking about the part where she puts out ice blocks?
    Just stay LoS with tanks, PoM bouncing, CoH off cd as well, Renew on tank, and use PoH if 3 or more people in one group are taking damage.

    Fairly easy fight.

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