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    Question Stat-Weigh/Reforging Question :confused:

    I have recently upgraded a few pieces of armor (Cascade - Windrunner) and was going through reforging. I checked out a few spriests I trust and noticed that they are reforging into crit now as opposed to mastery and sometimes, instead of haste. I don't blindly follow what I see others do, so I of course ran my own simcraft and got the result of haste > crit > mastery which was all well.

    My question is, for those better at theorycrafting than I: After the haste plateau (2589 - our guild runs with no locks T_T), would it be preferable to reforge to haste or crit. Aka should I go for 17% hit, 2589 haste and than as much crit as possible or 17% hit, as much haste as possible and then crit.

    Thanks in advance

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    Generally speaking crit sims better than mastery if you have the T12 2pc AND vplc... with just the bonus they seem pretty close, not sure about with just vplc.

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