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    Investment banker 2nd date fail

    Check this out:


    Oh dear. Before we all jump on the "OMG he's creepy", I believe there are just a number of lessons to be learned from this.

    1) Date Multiple people or have several on the go. When a person doesn't pan out, well - you have the others. This guy put all his eggs in one basket, and was letdown. Putting into much stock into one favorite will end up hurting you, when the other person doesn't reciprocate.

    2) The girl's silence or otherwise non-responsiveness to him. This is pretty typical. Many women would rather not face confrontation and it's just easier to not say "sorry but this isn't going to work out" and put the fella on ice indefinitely. Do I like this, of course not, but that's just how the world works. Rare is the woman who would be upfront with her rejection.

    3) Possible mis-read by him during the date. As none of us can see what actually happened, this is a long shot. She could have been "practicing" her flirting or dating moves, with no intention of a further date with him, and he was lead entirely astray. He sounds inexperienced(not his fault), but it almost sounds to me that he was too far taken by her looks.

    In the end I feel that simply too many people are quick to judge him, label him a creep or stalker, when it's clear to me that the fella was just venting. Should he have done it, of course not - better to have just wrote the whole email, read it over, and then close it out and not send it. That would have solved his personal issues and frustration, and not throw his face away on the Internet.

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    can someone summarize why this post/thread is about?

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    Not much I can add, OP. I agree with you %100.

    Except I think your second point applies to both sexes.

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