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    Just picked this toon back up( a quick look over).

    I just picked this toon back up about 5 days ago and would like some opinions on my gear/gems/enchants.

    I know I'm missing some chants(waiting on crafted bracers and vp boots), but should i gem pure int? I'm also pretty confused on stat weights. Is there any set or close to set weights or is it all gear dependent?

    Ty for the help in advanced.


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    First, you'll wanna check Kilee's shadow guide and the Fix my DPS threads (both are stickied) if you need any nuances on casting or BiS talk. The guide also lists the best enchants and gems.

    Once you hit 30% haste (which I assume you have with that rating), you need to sim to see what your best stat is. Crit isn't going to be very high for you since you don't have VPLC and you've moved onto t13 already, so simming will show whether you need more haste or mastery. Since you have the 4pc, mastery likely will have a slight edge on haste. You should still sim to be sure.

    The reason simming is important is because it'll determine what's worth reforging to and enchanting. That math comes into consideration for 50 haste vs. Lavawalker on boots (and just so you know, the movement bonus doesn't stack with Inner Will if you plan on switching for lots of running).

    Get your wrists enchanted with +50 int. You're missing one chimera's eye. After 6k intellect, the gem sockets can be matched if the bonus is +10 int or greater, but you can still stack reds if you prefer.
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    Zuziza covered all the important points.

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