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    Book of Cain

    Quick question on the book. When does it come out or is it out already. Really excited about it!

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    It's not out yet, far as I know.

    It's on pre-order, if you check amazon.
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    This week. I think it might be tuesday don't quote me on it though.

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    January 10th

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    So, Amazon shows it comes out Jan. 10th... damnit...
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    i'm preordering the CE and book of cain from amazon

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    Official Blizzard Quote:
    [Blizzard Source]
    @bashiok could we get some clarification about the Book of Cain being delayed? Some sites say dec 13th while others have changed it to jan

    It's still December 13. Odd. Maybe they've sold out from pre-orders and that's their expected re-stock date?


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    jan 10 is BS, my Barnes and Nobles said that they will have it soon and blizz says its alrdy released, sooo dont believe amazon
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    Not sure it's this way for others who already pre-ordered, but I know mine came in the mail I think earlier this week or maybe even towards the end of last week. The distressed-look pages are pretty cool... haven't had a chance to flip through the thing but it looks to be pretty neat inside.

    I know I casually flipped through the demo book at Blizzcon and for some reason I want to say from that one to the production one there's less like runes, etc. and pretty much all just English text, but I may be imagining seeing that type of stuff in the book at the con. All in all, makes a nice little book for the bookshelf.

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    ^^ where and when did you do your pre order? I pre ordered mine early Nov with amazon, with shipping estimates of yesterday. I just got told today that its delayed till January 10th. kinda pissed off right now...

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    I received a bulk order within three business days and one book was missing...

    It sure would be nice if Blizzard gave those who got the book an in-game kickback instead of playing nightmare-level CYA for dropping the ball. Hopefully B + N ships it by Jan 10th.

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    Got mine today!

    actually 2 days ago but FedEx or whoever ships them here left it at the postal office cause they failed to diliver at normal human times (10AM on a weekday, lul)

    Its Awesome!

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    Anyone have an Amazon link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dilbert View Post
    Anyone have an Amazon link?
    Can't you just... Go to Amazon and search 'Book of Cain'? Why do we need to do that for you? Oo;

    I got my Book of Cain as a Christmas present. Very interesting reading so far, and the book itself is simply beautiful. Very high quality hardback cover and the pages just feel great. Fantastically well-made book, and as I said before, very interesting to read! If you're on the fence still then honestly, you should get it, if only for the collector's value. A really good book in general.

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    Wow. I wish my WoW books came in this quality. Even a fold out map of Sanctuary.

    I want this game released damnit!

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    Got it and absolutely love it.

    Blizzard needs to make lore books like this for their other franchises. The quality and dedication to making this as close to as an "in-world artifact" is just so cool. I mean yeah you could always goto a Diablo wiki and read everything up but having it all in a book like this beats it.

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    I'm buying it on monday hope it is available at my bookstore GG

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