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    Is La Femme Diablo wielding the combined powers of all 3 Prime Evils?

    The shoulders suggest 2 subserviant personalities and her size in the new intro strikes me as huge. I still say Diablo's master plan is power consolidation based on what I've seen. Thoughts?

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    Yes, I agree. Been thinking this for a while, it's hinted at if not downright said in the lore if I could find it again.

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    All the soulstones, combined with the black soulstone?
    That,... would be pretty crazy.
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    The soulstones are gone. But, obviously, this does not mean the prime evils are gone. Diablo might have found a way to come back without the use of soulstones, and might have..."shared" this information with his brothers. I would do it, too, Mephisto is selfish and a moron and Baal is just plain weak by himself.

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