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    Shadow Word: Pain and Moving.

    I was wondring if there's an addon that can show me when SW:P ticks.
    Since when I will get the 4 set, it would probably be a DPS increase to move when SW:P ticks, for the orbs of course.
    I've tried many addons, but they show me all of my dots.
    I only need a SW:P tracking.

    And one more question,
    I currently have around 2950 haste raiting, and it seems like my dps is just lower and I'm lagging a lot.
    Should I reforge some of my haste to crit?


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    There is no way in hell that moving and delaying a mindflay cast is going to be a dps increase. The only time that it would be acceptable is during your Sfiend and Devouring Plague casts, and even then it's extremely minor. You're more likely to fuck it up then anything else, Delaying the next cast even a slight amount is a loss.

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    True but we dont have to judge him.

    Get fortexorist and just add one dot being SWP

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    I always move in the global of DP, SF, and SW: D. Partially out of habit from being a PvPer, and partially because of the chance to proc an apparition. As long as you stop before the end of the global you can potentially increase your dps, more so with the 4pc.

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    Event Horizon also shows when the ticks of all your dots occur.

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