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    Diabo 3

    So, I just saw the cinematic and it was totaly awsome!

    I`ve only played World Of Warcraft so far from blizzard.

    But i dont know what to expect from Diablo.
    Since i have readen there is an online auction house i assume its online.
    Do we have to pay a monthly subscription to that game aswell?

    And is it a mmo just like wow or what is it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hack and slash RPG, just look diablo2 up on youtube, will be the same genre. Its brainless button spamming, grind fest sort of game. Just alot of fun combat etc.

    No monthly fee, possibel they charge money in other ways later on.

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    If you want to play something similar to Diablo to know what the playstyle is going to be like, I would suggest downloading the free demo of Torchlight, which you can find on Steam. It's not as good as the Diablo series, but it's still a pretty good idea of what to expect. You just have to pay the box fee for the game. There is no monthly subscription afterward. And although it is online and you can play with other people, it isn't an MMO in the way that WoW is.

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