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    scarab lord

    is it still possible to get on a new realm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ketsis View Post
    what about realm firsts? like death's demise etc..

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    Quote Originally Posted by arcee View Post
    what about realm firsts? like death's demise etc..
    Possible .. but there are no new realms.

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    should be possible if no one on the server grabs it before you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Culexus View Post
    Possible .. but there are no new realms.
    They just opened 2 new Brazilian realms on the US.

    OT : New realms comes with AQ opened nowadays since the mass-xfers that hapened to get it at the begining of WoLTK.

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    That title is unobtainable, even on new realms. New realms already come with the gates unlocked. Not to mention the quest to get it is entirely gone now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zergal View Post
    They just opened 2 new Brazilian realms on the US.
    Didnt read about that. Rest of my answer still stands. Realm fists like deaths demise should be possible. AQ not possible.

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    the servers that come just before wotlk was told to be the last realms with the gates closed, and any new server after that will have them open at launch

    other realm firsts are possible

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    as of the last armoury before the new blizzard site launched there were only 3 realms with DD still obtainable and 2 with Algalon. TOGC cant be goten and im sure LK has been goten though its a worthless FOS due to no title.

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    I dont think you can get it anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by arcee View Post
    what about realm firsts? like death's demise etc..
    Talking specifically about the recently launched Brazilian realms here: all of the WotLK and older realm first achievements should probably be taken by now, anyway. People got them immediately upon transferring (for free) from their old realms to these new ones.

    Realm First achivements should be locked for transferred people for two months, of course, but Blizzard stated that there's a system issue and this limitation only applies to payed transfers. In this case, since the transfers were for free, people got to inadvertedly "cheat" the system, getting things without really earning them.

    As a matter of fact, within minutes of the realms' launch, general chat was flooded by "X person has earned the Achievement: Insert Realm First Achievement Here" messages. Things earned a long time ago, which were not realm First to that specific character back in the day, became First in those realms. For all the system cared about, I could have turned level 85 the day before, transferred, and become the new Realm First level 85.

    This is bound to happen to any new realm launched which supports free characer migrations. Kinda sad.

    Of course, things like Realm First: Madness of Deathwing and the like are still on the line to be taken, since they're new and people are still chasing them. But the ones that would be easy to get by now (Death's Demise, Celestial Defender, etc.) are all probably taken.
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    Short answer is no, longer answer is no, when they added the feat of strength called Veteran of the Shifting Sands 'the Scarab Lord' became non obtainable anymore. I dont think the quest line even exists in game anymore.

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    No you can't anymore :/

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    I have the Scepter of the Shifting Sands. I don't care about not getting the title, but I sure wish I could equip the scepter. It has a model, but you can't equip it. Man that'd be something to transmog into, it's quite the legendary item.

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