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    this isnt new, they said there was gonna be 4 at you ppl who didnt know xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by moogogaipan View Post
    Edit: How can guild wars 2 rank on their site as #3 among free mmo's when it's not out yet?
    It's just that good.

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    Hmmm every information in the OP was announced back in Summer.............
    All the different Fees.

    The only thing that matter now is the real fee.

    Fail thread.

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    doesn't matter to me, i won't use it.

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    everyone knew about the 4 separate fees.
    that article never stated what the actual fees will actually be.
    unless some knows what the actually numbers are gonna be, i just see this as another reason to cry for you people.

    i think you guys just see those fake numbers and crap your pants.

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    Lol at people who raging about random numbers.

    I think this article would be better if they write something like:

    Sold for 4 $.
    All fees 6 $

    Looks much more sensational

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    I really don't see what the big deal is?? Maybe this is due to the fact I have only ever played Diablo 1. So as I understand it you can seel crap you find in dungeons on a RMAH to players that are playing their version of the game. Whats the big deal? I mean you don't HAVE to use it.

    I mean, its not like Diablo 3 is an MMO, right? Its jsut a single player or co-op dungeon crawl game. Its not even competitive. Perhaps there is something that I am completely missing here because I never played Diablo 2.

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    If the fees are too high, people wont use it.
    Simple as that.

    Or at least, not flood the place with junk thats only worth a dollar or two.
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    the amount of ignorance and fail in this thread is still astonishing me.

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    So... this will likely get the same treatment as void storage/transmogging in WoW?

    It is a digital system, where the prices are still subject to change.

    The only fee that won't change easily will be the paypal one, due to it being outside of blizzard.
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    This explains a lot.

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    The whiners in this thread are the occupy wallstreet morons that have useless college degrees, can't get a job, and thought they'd be able to make a living playing Diablo 3.

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    Uh this is horrible. I knew it was bad but I didn't think it was that bad.

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    everybody seems to forget that blizz said they would allow a small number of free auctions where you don't have to pay the posting or closing cost each week. that aside, this is no big deal. this is how things work everywhere else, we just don't see it because the fees are all lumped together as "tax" or included in the cost of things that don't have tax on them.

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    Numbers are pure speculation. But Paypal takes 0,30 regardless. And then there are 3 more fee's to content with.

    Do you really think there will be much left of any lesser auctions this way? Obviously this is to keep most of the money inside the Battlenet. Because all those fees stacked together will certainly weigth heavily enough that on minor transactions its not profitable. So, the money stays with Blizzard/Activision, on the smaller transactions atleast.
    And if there is something thats really worth something, say 1000$? Would you really give up part of a thousand big ones through rmah? There are other, more effective ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxi View Post
    The author of that article is anything but objective. Do you have another article with real numbers and an unbiased viewpoint so we can get a better idea of what the fees will really look like?
    It's not about objectivity for these kids, it's about the drama.
    But hey at least guild wars 2 is #3 on their TOP F2P MMOs. Didn't even realise it was out.

    Edit: I Don't get it. Most of us don't read a chain letter and really expect to die if there is no reposting, but some site makes up a buncha numbers and shoops a pic in, and it's just now fact....
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    Quote Originally Posted by moogogaipan View Post
    Edit: How can guild wars 2 rank on their site as #3 among free mmo's when it's not out yet?
    Because if it's not out, it's technically free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blayze View Post
    Because if it's not out, it's technically free.
    Lol yea but it's unplayable, so it's an inaccurate rating, which is my point.
    "If you want to control people, if you want to feed them a pack of lies and dominate them, keep them ignorant. For me, literacy means freedom." - LaVar Burton.

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    The designers at Blizzard are top notch. The people running it are total money grubbing idiots. Honestly I part with my money with great care and after the crap they've been pulling lately I give up. I've still got my sub up just to drop in on some mates, but if they do this I'll be loath to invest in another of their products.

    I mean make a profit but at least show some self control, if they come out and say the figures are bogus and it'll be less then fine. But Blizzard are leaving a sour taste in my mouth time and again lately.

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    Logic would say that this is not going to be how it is. If it was, no one would use it, then they'd make nothing on it.

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