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    [Warlock] best staff to transmog?

    So, title explains it all. Best staff? Thoughts?
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    the puppy on a stick staff

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    Pretty good staff for mages.

    Edit: Derp warlock sub forum >.<.
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    Too bad for you if you've already done the quest. Seems a similar model drop from Kazzak, but its not as easy to get.

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    Pretty good staff for mages.
    Too bad we're in the Warlock forum

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    Too bad we're in the Warlock forum
    Eeek! Well still looks good for warlocks as well .

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    Big time.

    With this armor, you'll look bad ass to infinity and beyond
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    I prefer simple... so I picked:

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    i kept my soul harvester from class quest in my bank since vanilla so im using that. can't get it anymore but there are others with the same model


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    635 or the already mentioned scythe model. - The true nature of finnish people

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    I would personally go with or (horde). Depends alot on the gear you have otherwise, if you care about it matching ofc.

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    The staff from Naxx looks awesome and it bats it's wings, looks awesome with malfic
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    Yes...the Felhunter on the stick beats them all

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    Besides the felpuppy on a stick(<3333), I'm a pretty big fan of Chillwind Staff. Simple, yet extremely unique and warlocky.

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    Frostscythe of Lord Ahune

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    I went with the scythe, Staff of the Left Hand Path.

    I have major Warlock pride, it comes from a Warlock only quest. I also ride my Dreadsteed everywhere even though I have tons of really rare mounts, again, major Warlock pride here.
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    I'm currently rocking full t2, defilers tabard (which i just got yeeeeesss!!!! 536 ab games later >_>) and frostscythe, it is a very pimp looking set, i also swap over to fel hunter on a stick from time to time.

    the vengeful glad staff is also very pimp if you have vengeful gear to go with it.

    t5 + frostscythe = pro grimreaper look

    aq40 + staff from ebonroc in BWL is a simple, but cool looking set/staff combo as well

    damnation (4horseman 25 naxx) also looks very sick with t5 lock gear

    sulfur staff from 10 man loatheb looks good with t1 lock gear

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