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    So far, D3 feels a hell lot darker than D2 ever did. The envorinment is amazing and in all honesty, spells were flashy in Diablo 2 aswell, they just look a hell of a lot better now.
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    There are some mods that kill the bright colors supposedly.
    Haven't looked into it, and probably won't either - but for those that really feel they want to play in black and white, there's the option at least.
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    Judging from the beta, I'd say that all the worries about ponies and rainbows were unfounded. The atmosphere seems fine.

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    I personally want to get into the Beta JUST to experience what all the fuss is about, Videos only go so far...

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    In a nutshell from someone that plays beta and played D2 D1:

    - There are some darkish environment, gloomy. Ambiance is very good at creating it.
    - There are some gory doodads, bodies on the floor or impaled on a wall. Hanged people.
    - The look feels like a dark animation movie, it has a very pastel look to it.

    To be honest I very like the graphics, this style fits well and they definitely gave a gloomy/creepy/dark feeling to it, I really apreciate they still made very graphic gory doodads. This is not kitty island, but this is not Dead Space either.

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