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    When you are not certain of your fly being closed and start feeling around while nobody watches.

    When you are walking in the opposite direction as someone and you both do the awkward shuffle to the left then to the right then back to the left while continuing to walk forward. Turns out you end up brushing up against her boob and just act like you have no clue.

    When you realize you have had your blinker on for the past 15 mins.

    When you stumble after kicking that little ass crack in the concrete as if you are trying to lean forward shuffle your feet and stick your hands out to brace for a fall.

    When you pass out in a biology lecture to realize that you left a puddle of drool on the piece of wood in front of you that some consider to be a desk.

    When you out again in a Biology lecture to be woken up by yourself snoring.

    When you walk past that one plug with what seems like hundreds of laptops hooked up to it and you manage to trip and pull the cord to the splitter that is powering all of them.

    When you try to pour a bowl of cereal only to get the crappy remnants that resemble sawdust.

    When you are in the public restroom with 5 other grown men trying to resist bouncing up and down as you wait for a urinal and try to get your zipper down as fast as possible.

    I hope those were enjoyable.

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    That awkward moment when you're lifting weights and suddenly a spider's on your hand. Arachnophobia as I am, I could not do anything else but drop it, nearly breaking my wooden floor. Spider ran away...

    That awkward moment when you're sitting on the toilet, fall asleep and well... things get nasty.

    That awkward moment while you're shaving (FACE!) in the shower, fall asleep and cut off half of your mustache on accident. You wake up 10 minutes later and have to finish the job completely sleep drunk.

    Yeah, I have got some sleeping problems.

    That awkward moment when you are part of the small percentage of people on whom sleeping pills do not work the way they are supposed to work and actually cause the opposite, making you unable to sleep for a week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
    *sigh* That was rather bleh

    Thanks for this thread btw!

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Dalliah- View Post
    When you say goodbye to someone and you end up walking in the same direction.
    I ended up doing the same thing a week ago. I found the closest road walked up there. Little did I know it led nowhere, which the person knew. Was rather awkward.

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    The awkward moment when you realize you've just used 2 hours reading through this entire post :-(

    On topic: I had an exam, and I often have so called writing-spasm. So to control that I have to "shake" my hand every now and then. So I did, and while swirling my hand around the pencil slipped and flew across the entire classroom, hit one of the exam guards in the head while he was sleeping. He woke up with a scream scaring everyone, and it pretty much ended up being rather awkward when a tiny writing-spasm caused a lot of trouble. To get my pencil back I had to almost yell to get in contact with the guard, meaning I had to explain rather loudly why my pencil were there. Which again made me feel awkward.

    Exams are scary.
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