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    Tatsujin @ Gundrak (Casual Raiding Guild) 1/8(H) on DS Recruiting, 3/7 (H) Firelands

    Tatsujin has been around since Cataclysm on Gundrak.

    We are a casual/semi-core raiding guild in that we don't force minimum attendance etc, but we are a very active guild currently with 3 raid nights aswell asplenty of heroic/instance groups going on.You will generally find a lot of guild members online to group with and chat to.

    We raid with the aim of experiencing everything WoW has to offer, without the break neck speed and pressure that we have seen cause burn out and problems for other guilds.

    Due to our Core Members being busy with Real life commitments ( work and Universities ) Our progression has been slow and now we are looking for dedicated, exceptional raiders who know how to avoid standing in fire

    We have been 3/7(H) in Firelands and had more potential but due to bad attendence of a few key players progression has been slacky.We are 1/8 (H) on Dragon soul.
    We are currently have several openings on our raid roster. However, we will only offer Trials to people who impress us with their application.

    We can offer a fun relaxed raiding guild who enjoy the social aspect of WoW as much as the raid side of things.

    Raids typically run from 9pm server time until Midnight server time on Wednesday,Thursday, Sunday and Monday. Alternatively we will do one or two 10 man runs.There are often other 10 man runs on other nights and weekends.

    Raiding experience is preferred. No one is forced to raid as we are not a hard core raiding guild, but seeing as it's a raid position we are looking for some sort of reasonable attendance.

    If it looks like the place for you then write us over here or you can meet us in-game.Our Guild site is under construction and will be up in a few days.

    Officers are Shayannadeem, Farquarl, Mirei, Chopin, Faythlesca
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    Now 6/8 .. and almost took down Spine of the Death-wing!

    Still looking for committed players.

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    i am interested!

    hey ,

    i am very interested, could you please msg me on 'fkap' or 'fka' so we further discuss


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    Dam I forgot about updating this.

    We are 1/8 DS Heroic and now looking for exceptional Healers or Tanks who can fill the spot for core or alts runs on Friday, Saturday or Sundays.

    We want to continue on our Heroic Firelands & DS. Would love to have some Druids in our Guild (Tanks n Heals).

    Message me in-game on (Shayannadeem or Shayaan) or drop a message to some officers Mirei,Mayami,Beathoven,Faythlesca,Farquarl.

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