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    2v2 Shadow priest

    Hi, I am trying to play 2v2 with frostmage and we got a big problems to get higher rat. Is shadow priest playable in 2v2 ? I am still under slow, slow , slow, interrupt.When I am defending >> doing no dmg. I dont wanna play disco, this is maybe answer on my question - to play disco, but i dont like that. I am trying to go direct dmg, because dots are so weak.
    ( we got succes only in this way - direct dmg - mind spike +mind blast).
    I have got 4400resil and everyone eats me.

    so, please answer me on following questions:

    is SP playable in 2v2 ?
    some tricks, tips?
    how much haste is optimal ?
    better to get crit when i am doing direct dmg ? (13.3 crit now)

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    Shadow Priests are broken in PVP at the moment. Ever since our dots were nerfed, the time we need to set up good burn is too long, and we'll most likely be interrupted, stunned, focused, etc before we can do anything. You'll be playing defensively nearly 100% of the time.

    Basically... stop pvping.. unless you're in bgs.

    Our fear is useless and our horror was good up until they made trinkets able to stop our disarm.

    Wait till Mists... we may have a chance.

    80 Kingslayer Shadow Priest - Spirestone

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    Shadow Priest / Hunter, and Shadow Priest / Mage are both very viable in 2v2. The skill-cap is rather high though, it takes very good coordination, CC, and burst to really get anything done. You need to play super aggressive and never give up a 'foothold' or you'll lose quickly.

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