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    hey some questions about diablo

    hey guys so i just wanted to ask how will this game work really as multiplayer... will i be able to play with all other players on the same map at the same time? or i need to join some servers to provide some pvp action or kill some bosses? coz my friends are asking the same question and i dont have a clue really ... when i join to battle net.. what will happen. etc etc... i have no clue really so i will be happy about any answers... thanks and cya in diablo.

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    I apologize if this isn't the answer you're looking for as I had a little trouble understanding your query. Diablo works similar to the way dungeons work in WoW (assuming you play). You join/host a server and then you are with the other people in your party. Once in the game you're free to go where ever you want in the game world, although you will be on the host's quest.

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