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    Much Needed Upgrrades

    Hey Folks,

    Okay, I was after some advice, I've had my desktop for about 6 years now so its getting a little archaic, and whilst I don't have the funds to get a new one just yet, I could get a few upgrades I was thinking. As my FPS is starting to get very low ( below 15 ) in 25 man raids now and even in cities in general it is dropping below 30 fps in medium setting.

    Currently the system has from the original system
    CPU - intel core 2 duo E6400 @ 2.1ghz
    Motherboard - Asus Basswood Intel P965
    Memory - 4 x 512MB sticks

    And these were upgrades from 2 years ago
    Graphics card - NVIDEA Grforce GTS 250
    Power supply - ATRIX 650THE

    I have a budget of about £150, and so was looking at getting a newer cpu and memory. The biggest drawback is the limited choice of cpu for the 755 socket I have to work with but this what what I had found

    Intel Dual core E6700 @ 3.2Ghz - about £65
    4 x 1GB memory ( same speed as memory now just more of it ) - about £43

    The alternative would be a replacement motherboard to allow more cpu choice, but with my budget I reckon that might be a tall order ?

    Anyway thanks in advance for any advice

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    Much Needed Upgrrades

    Double post
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    Save more, buy in Q2 next year. Putting any more money into a dead socket is silly. Overclock what you have until then.

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    If you can find second hand intel E8500 for reasonable price it should help you improve some performace. Also 4gb of memory might help. Also when buying used stuff, make sure you test it in your pc b4 you spend ur money.
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    Just a side comment. If you're looking to upgrade your ram, make sure you're buying the correct socket and your motherboard supports the ram. Much of the new ram is DDR3, while I'm guessing your motherboard is DDR2. The two are not compatible. However, I would also save up more and just upgrade mobo/cpu/memory all at once.

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