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    What are some basic usages of this talent?

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    I use it for a lot of different things. In five mans, if I get bored or distracted I use Holy Word: Serenity then 2x Flash Heal 1xGreater Heal before the buff goes away. In my 10 man raids I use flash heal/binding heal on tanks/or if I'm taking damage as well and then Prayer of Healing. There are probably more uses for it but those are what I use it for.

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    most important usage is your only efficient one: every cast of binding heal discounts your next PoH by 10% and hastes it by 20%.

    During heavy AoE any time YOU have a health deficit, bind-PoH bind-PoH is both your most efficient and highest throughput dump.

    From another viewpoint, if you don't carry serendipity, casting FH for single target triage during AoE damage is an HPS loss.

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    In 10 mans both this talent and Surge of Light see a higher weight placed on them, due to the higher reliance on single target heals.

    Compared to direct talents like Divine Touch, this one seems a lot worse, and in one way you'd be right. All things considered, with the exception of Binding hasted Prayers, it's something you generally "shouldn't want to use". But you have to look at this talent through a different perspective.

    No this talent does not make Flashx2->Prayer/Greater an awesome sustainable option, because you're still burning thrpugh a blue bar faster than a pregnant woman with a craving for pickles. But you don't cast Flash Heal to be sustainable, you cast Flash Heal to stop someone from dying. This talent makes those times generally suck less. A lot less.

    And with Serendipity giving me a tool to use, even with its "lower" usage, compared to an upfront talent like Divine Touch, I'll take Serendipity any day of the week.
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    Is as Kelesti says: Serendipity makes using Flash Heal suck less.
    And it makes Holy flow better.
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    Serendipity is IMO one of the most awesome talents in the holy tree. It's main use is as an overdrive button, and is a large reason why the holy priest throughput isn't entirely useless at single target healing. Sure, using it will make you OOM very fast - but when you need that extra thoughput because your tank is tanking twice as many adds as he should and is all out of cooldowns - that is when it is saving the day. Cherish it.
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    Thanks guys.

    And what are some advanced techniques?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy valmer View Post
    Thanks guys.

    And what are some advanced techniques?
    Advanced techniques comes down to basically advanced level of Priesting.

    Learn the rythym of a fight, when you want to burn, when you want to conserve. Is it safe to Flash Heal that target or can he survive off a Heal? What about Renew?

    Learn the ebb and flow of encounters, and you'll be able to dance like the best of us. Holy Priests really are dancers.
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    Cant wait to try hpriest after work

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