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    Yay! My huntard is now ****ed because he had the Razor Saronite Chip and Electrowing Dagger equipped and gemmed. He has no other weapon because I sold the previous weapon (it was really bad...) but now because of this hotfix I can't even queue lfr because I have no weapons! I am really mad at blizzard for this, did not even reimburse me my gem or my staff I vendored... this ticket I have in better not actually take the 6days 17hrs it says it will.

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    That pet... Something out of nightmares

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dsm View Post
    Prot warrior just ninja'd Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps.He respecced fury before rolling.GJ blizz, well done indeed.FU
    Actually there is another issue around this quote. The "Need" bonus is activated by the LFR automatic role assignment, and not by your current spec. That means that you can queue as DPS and Tank, but have bonus for only one spec at a time and this is decided by the game.
    Now, what happened last night, I was selected as Tank role for Spine. During the fight a few DPS left the raid and at the end of the encounter, there is a video before looting and at this moment a Tank was queued-in and I was switched to DPS role. I lost the "Tank-bonus" and because the third Tank didn't kill Spine, he couldn't role on it, so there was only one player with "Tank-bonus" who won every tank oriented items. Anyway, now with these stupid rules I just queue in using single spec (Tank queuing in LFR takes ages compared to DPS where healer is instant)

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    Well a emo retarded Ench shammy got both the shield and mace from DS last night so from right now im going to need on all things tho regardless if i have any use for it ore not

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    I just wish they'd fix people getting multiple tier tokens. I lost out today to someone who won both and even though I was 2nd highest on BOTH rolls, he didn't use his brains to offer me the token, insted he gave the other token to someone who whispered him before me. And I whispered him dam fast too. Would it be so hard to implement it so that if someone wins one token, the next roll (on a tier token) is either a) auto-cancelled or b) the person who rolls 2nd highet gets it instead?

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