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    New Desktop

    Building yourself or Premade - Premade
    Budget - $2000
    What can be reused - Nothing? No monitor/keyboard/mouse needed
    Country - US

    Mostly looking to have a decent performance computer build, looking at the XPS 8300 on
    Any suggestions otherwise/praise/hate for this computer is appreciated.
    Its either this or build my own computer which would take much longer due to my lack of knowledge.

    Edit - Sorry for not putting it in the subsection. Thank you!
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    I would look away from Dell in all honesty. Dell is not a company that sells great gaming computers, and the XPS line is not meant for gaming; rather... well, I guess they are meant for media producers on a budget.

    Anyway, I would strongly suggest that you look into a self-built. You would not only get a lot more from your budget, you would also get an overall better and more powerful gaming rig in the process with better quality components that fit your personal taste and use near perfectly.

    If that really is out of the question, I'd suggest looking at these sites:

    They both specialize in pre-made gaming computers at a decent price.

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