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    need a new computer, I'm lost

    Hi. I've been reading around the web all kinds of article about choosing parts and building and all. spent over 4hours dedicated just to that and its just worst.

    best buy and future shop all have stupid builds like i7 crappy graphic card with 5 hard drive 2500$ or i5 with crappy hard drive with a uber graphic card for 1500$

    I try to look around motherboard then something new pop ups u can hook up five processor 18 hard drive but can only connect to 2dsa3245sd connector working at 12volt because 24 volt blowup the planet. integrated graphics but don't tell you if you can hook up a graphic card. cost 200$ more for some reason. also you need ddr3 2200 memory stick but not ddr3 1100 or ddr2.

    I guess I'm really just stupid and shouldn't be doing this. its prolly not cool in computer science to be simple and clear in any way. putting the piece physically together look stupid enough but you gotta get there first.

    I'm scared of buying someone else's build, everyone seems confused about all that stuff. computer savy people can't even seem to keep up with it.

    my computer's slowly dying on me so I'm looking for some kind of hope or light here cuz I'm getting desperate and scared of buying and losing

    I want to play wow, starcraft and diablo 3 at good/high setting on 1920x1080. I was happy when I bought my Asus ve247h monitor looking forward for the new computer i would eventually buy but all the reading made me feel like returning the monitor because I don't feel secure about computer.

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    what's your budget?
    do you have any specific demands other than being able to play the games you just mentioned? (sound level of the fans, SSD drive... etc)

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    Budget is 1000-1500$

    all i do is skype + wow(fullscreen because don't handle window mode so well anymore) + (sometime msn)+ (sometime internet explorer/firefox)
    I play starcraft2 and skype but any more and this old computer will explode on me so I usually don't (takes 5minutes to go back to windows from starcraft 2 at lowest settings and res)
    eventually will do diablo3 + skype
    I use itune for my ipod but only have like 8 gig of music
    wired internet connection, 1920x1080 screen with vga,dvi,hdmi connections if it makes any difference?!?)

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