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    [H/10] Calibre LF Hunter / Boomkin

    US - Oceanic - Barthilas

    <Calibre> is Singaporean guild that recently moved to Barthilas as an oceanic timezone fit our schedules better.

    We are recruiting a skilled hunter/boomkin for DS heroic progression. Applicants are expected to have a strong progressive, team orientated attitude on top of being able to play their class well.

    Raid days are:
    Wed, Thurs and Sun, 9.30pm -12am GMT +8 (12.30am -3am ST)

    We are currently 8/8N and want to quickly move into Heroics.

    Visit www.calibre-guild.com to apply.

    (We do take in non Singaporeans but you must be able to make all raid days and converse fluently in English)

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    Bump! LF Hunter / Boomkin
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    Must be relatively well geared. Minimum 378s since its pretty easy to get full 378s now. You would be expected to perform at DS heroic level within 1-2 weeks. Be prepared to reasonably punch above your gear level.

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    Bump! LF Hunter / Boomkin

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    Post Bump!

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    Post Bump!

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