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    <Trost> of Saurfang - Looking for serious minded raiders

    <Trost> is a 10 man Horde guild on Saurfang.

    The guild was created by some RL friends who were looking to form a solid and close knit group with which to progress through content in late WOTLK. We aim to provide a relaxed but serious atmosphere as we approach raid content. After a brief hiatus from raiding, it is time to get back in the game in Dragon Soul.

    We have three scheduled raids per week. Our raid nights are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays from 7:30pm to 11:00pm.

    Anyone is welcome to apply, we always consider all applicants. We are currently looking to fill multiple roles and spots, don't hesitate to apply if you can meet the following criteria.

    Protection Paladin
    Holy Paladin
    Blood Death Knight
    Feral (bear) Druid
    Melee DPS
    Ranged DPS

    What we're looking for in our recruits:

    - Attendance. We're looking for consistent people who will make the effort to attend every time. Real Life takes priority of course, things happen.

    - Know your class and spec. If you want to raid then you need to know your class and what it is capable of or be willing to learn and accept criticism to improve.

    - Raid Experience. Experience with raiding and knowing what to do with your class regardless of the situation is more important than gear. Previous experience with raiding is preferred.

    If you wish to apply to join please fill out an application at trost.wowstead.com

    Thanks, and good luck.
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