I felt this deserved it's own topic.. this quote is just amazing. I snagged this from the reddit AMA event, you should go read it if you haven't had the chance (I can't post links).

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Are you worried that there will be a definitively accepted meta group of professions rendering the no-trinity system effectively useless?
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No. Are you?
The combat just isn't built that way. I know we say it so often, it gets annoying, but honestly learning to play your build is so much more important than your actual build.
The lack of trinity comes from forcing flexibility in combat. Trinity doesn't promote team play it forces team dependencies. That is something we really wanted to avoid, and so people will say we got rid of it to get rid of the LFG stuff, but the real reason is because we want people to play TOGETHER, not next to each other...
Good riddance to holy shitity I say. Can't wait to play however I want with whoever I want, whenever the fuck I want. I can't count how many times I've needed a tank/heals and god forbid motherfucking both of those at once, such a pain.. I would always get met with trolls or people offering it as a service and asking ridiculous amounts of gold.

It got to the point where I actually bit the bullet and just rolled a tank, and not having as much fun. I think that's bullshit.

Is anyone actually OPPOSED to the holy trinity being removed? I can't even imagine who would be. Since anyone can tank, heal, and dps.