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    [Priest-Disc] Glyph of Penance vs Glyph of prayer of healing

    This is a controversial topic because many people and guides say penance should be used on cd. However the issue im having is i don't want to use it when its not going to be very effective, so i more often then not find myself aoe healing in DS and not really sweating the cd on penance at all.

    So far in DS it seems like the aoe healing glyph would have an advantage thanks to all the unavoidable aoe fights like utraxion, warlord, morkoch, unsleeping, blackthorn, part of spine and big part of madness (when you kill red + bronze)

    So my question is how often do you find yourself waiting for penance to come off cooldown. Would it make a big difference in someone living or dieing if you had used power word shield instead?

    Not counting 5mans at all

    In a raid setting is PWS ----> POM-Glyph'd good enough (providing penance is on cd) single target especially with the aoe requirments of DS?

    I'd like to hear some of your thoughts.

    Or even Glyph of Penance VS Glyph of PWS personally i like the shield heal and with mastery trinket procs and the like it ends up being pretty nice and it will also play great with disc set bonus 100% increase absorb on PWS ~_~
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    there is a very similar topic that's had active discussion over the last few days.

    Generally, PoH-PW:S are essential, because they usually show 4% or more in logs. None of the other glyphs come even close.

    Now you have to choose whether you want Penance glyph or Barrier glyph. In 10 mans either choice is fine depending on your playstyle. If you don't like pumping penance on CD, maybe go with barrier - the healing CD might be more useful to you, esp if you're saving penance.

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