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    Winter Veil boss?

    Will there be a winter veil holiday boss this year? Some are saying the Greench quest has been changed and it's now a daily, most likely defeating him as a holiday boss. Any confirmation on this?

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    It's not an instance boss, but the quest to defeat the Greench is now a daily that awards a loot bag, like the other holiday bosses.

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    did it start already in EU?

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    Check out the Winter Veil guide on WoWhead. It does seem like the Greench will be the daily boss for this holiday.

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    of course I'll be out of town for a week during winter veil, no pet for me D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yam View Post
    did it start already in EU?
    6AM server time so 1 hour and 45 minutes by my clock.

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    It's started already? Cool. Something new to do

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