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    GW2 party sizes?

    Hello folks, I'm getting turned on to GW2 now and been reading their site some. I see the only tournament PvP will be a 5v5 format, but I'm wondering about the dungeon instances as well. Anyone know if these instances scale to your party size, kinda like DDO did, or is it like WoW where you need a specific number of players.

    I got a core group of 3 rl friends I'll likely be playing with already but could probably get a few more interested... So basically, if you had a steady group of hyper-active players, what would be the minimum guild size to engage in all the content they're introducing?

    Already I wish there was a 3v3 pvp bracket : /

    I'll browse these forums here more today when I have time; tx for any replies^^

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    Dungeons are tuned for 5 people.
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    The largest organised PVE content is 5 man, so you're nearly there. On the plus side, you don't need to convince one of your friends to tank and another to be a healer, you can all play whatever class takes your fancy and contribute equally to your group

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