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    Holy or Disc for LFR?

    Which do you prefer/think is better for LFR? The tanks aren't taking *that* much damage as they normally would on normal so I'm thinking holy. That's also better for raid heals, right? and if there's another disc priest in the group I always get pissed if they get their shield off before I can. Thanks

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    As long as the other healers are pulling their weight it makes absolute no difference if you're holy or disc in LFR, so just play what you want to play.

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    As long as you're not afk both should be fine, use the same specc as you would do in normal/heroic ds to gain more practice on that specc.

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    Disc wins on Morchok as long as there is no other Disc priests : << DA ftw but holy will do better over all well that is if you care about whoring the meters other wise it doesn't really matter the damage incoming unless the bosses are done totally wrong is not high enough to stress the 6 healers so most of the time everyone will be fighting each other for whatever little damage is left to heal.

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    I prefer holy but thats me, and yea like stated above me, its lfr play what you prefer to play
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    If by "better" you mean more effective, it is a toss up. Both are equally effective in LFR. If by better you mean easier, I would say Holy. Drop HW:Sanc, pop CoH on cooldown, and toss out some renews through heavy damage. Depending on how you are itemized Disc can be rather annoying to play in LFR, as mana return via Rapture is delayed due to significantly lower damage. If you, like me, have most of you're spirit re-forged away you may run into mana problems now and then.

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    Both can pull the same HPS in LFR. Or even Normal/Heroic DS. For the first time in recent history, they are about equal.
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    I prefer atonement/disc for the LFR. With 6 healers and the reduced damage in general, fighting to top meters is the same thing as fighting to top overhealing done. So I just bubble/pom the tank, and then have fun with HF/Smite, until additional healing is needed, then pop evangelism and heal like a fiend. Then go back to the bubble/pom/hf/smite. I find this is more fun for me. If the other healers are really weak, Disc is a solid healing spec, and I can always switch between fights if I see a strong need for holy.

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    It shouldn't really matter, I assume. Just play whatever feels best.
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    I prefer Atonement since I can Smite/HF stuff to keep myself from falling asleep. The damage is so low hardly any healing is needed.

    Alternatively, you can make all the other healers fall asleep by stealing their healing and just PoH everything and have your DA procs eat all the damage.

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    yea what laseen says, as disc i just HF/Smite with an occasional PoH/PoM in between, or i go holy and just Sanc/CoH/PoH and HF on CD as i have AA in my holy spec.

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    Holy every time, but thats because I like to whore the metres in lfr.

    edit: like on the final part of deathwing, I did 25 million healing, the 2nd person did 15....

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    Disc advantage: You can smite and almost soloheal the tank at the same time. Brownie points for every DPSer you outDPS.
    Holy advantage: Sanctuary + 25man raiding = zomg!

    It ultimately doesn't matter. As long as none of the healers are /afking, you can heal the LFR damage with minimal effort. If it every does get jinxy (if someone messes up royally), Holy probably have an advantage with the more powerful Divine Hymn, but honestly, I've still to see a LFR run recover from a near-wipe situation yet
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    As most have said, it really doesn't matter. If you play either well you will meter whore no matter which you play. :P

    On a related note, I've only seen 3 Disc Priests to date within the LFR. Two of them were brilliant and made me sadface and fall asleep since I couldn't find anything to heal. The third was afk. Loads of Holydins, loads of HPriests, moderate amount of Shamans and very few RDruids I've seen so far.

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    If there are 2 or more active healers in LFR then the most effective spec would be shadow. just sayin.

    Most (all?) of the encounters can be solo healed even on 25man. All of them definitely can be duo healed.
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    You should go for holy, if there is 1 more disc priest your healing is severly gimped as disc.

    I was about to tear my hair out last reset in a LFR, 5/6 healers were priest and 4 of them were disc... It was fucking impossible to heal as you normally would.

    IF i didnt hate holy myself i would go for that...

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    I don't think it matters that much in lfr. As long as you actually contributes to the healing in a good way (as all healers should) you can stick with what you think is the most fun.

    I was disc on my priest since I created her and just a few days ago I swapped to holy. Joined lfr after maybe 2-3 practice runs in 5-mans and I had so much fun healing as holy. Sure, I didn't top Healing done, but everyone was alive and we made it through without any wipes.

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    I love atonement in lfr, there are fights where atonement healed more than the second healer did overall - with less overheal than he had xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by pulchritudinous View Post
    Holy every time, but thats because I like to whore the metres in lfr.

    edit: like on the final part of deathwing, I did 25 million healing, the 2nd person did 15....

    Ot: I might try out AA again to spice up my Lfr runs, I had been looking for some way to make them more bearable. :-)
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    I generally end up with a bunch of really bad holy priests in any LFR I go into on any of my characters. I play disc, I haven't tried holy yet. That being said, as disc (and on my other characters) I usually end up outhealing the holy priests. The exceptions have been when I've also gotten priests from my server who I knew were mega geared, doing FL heroics before the patch and who were already really geared. One of those weeks it was a holy priest who was really good, and this week I actally got a run with four disc priests for Ultraxion and three for the other bosses. Specs were slightly different, I usually just run bubbles and one of the others was doing a lot of atonement healing so it worked out just fine.

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