Thread: T13 crysis :D

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    T13 crysis :D

    Hi! i just won the T13 legging coin from LFR but! i have the T12 legging and the set bonus is better and it has more spirit ( BTW i play holy )

    now should i buy the T13 legs and throw out the T12 or keep T12 and use T13 for shadow

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    And this is a crysis ? I would keep the T13 for shadow

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    Get t13 healing legs but stick with t12 until you have 4 pieces :P

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    What Heap said. If what you're wearing is better for now, keep wearing what you wear, bro. In the words of Mrs. Gloop: "SAFVE SOME FOR LATERR!"

    P.S. Am I a hipster for spelling crisis with an I? O.O

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    I main shadow and I've pretty much chose the 2 set for T13 even if they are LFR pieces just for the fact I can safely execute without putting stress on healers when I crit death x2 under 25%. It basically allows me to use it on all fights, not just select, so you may or may not want to switch them out accordingly.

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    This thread made me giggle.

    You know what my crysis is? I don't have any T13 yet. Weeeeeeeee, who wants some icecream?

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    depends on what itemlevel the stuff is. the t12 4p is great, normally does more than 5% of total heal. I wouldnt replace that with a slightly higher itemlvl. (2p is nice regen aswell)
    if your comparing t12 NonHc vs t13 LFR, stick with t12, same with t12 HC with t13 NonHc...
    until you get 4p t13 at least. (rather for the itemlevel than the bonus, don't like them that much)
    but as soon as its a whole tier upgrade (378 vs 397, 391 vs 410) take it!
    just sayin, thats what I'm gonna do, no mathematical proof incomming.

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    yep! T13 from Normal crap! Only heroic T13.

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