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    Cool now Destiny can rename himself QxGDestiny instead of RootDestiny Wait wrong game trolololol TL here I come

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    What wow forum RealID should have been the first time around if half a braincell of thought was involved.

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    I rreally have to agree that this, no matter how stupid I find the name (sounds like something from Medabots..), should have been implemented alongside RealID, also for forums, for everything, for Starcraft. There's been a lot of confusion and issues with this naming thing and tbh it's been a huge waste of time and resources that could have been way better spent if only the people involved had spend one afternoon of thinking it over.

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    what if more than 9999 users wants to use the same name?

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    Still nothing about a "Show offline" option.
    Son i'm disapoint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elnimrod View Post
    what if more than 9999 users wants to use the same name?
    Then they do as StarCraft 2 did and use an extra digit.

    People are assuming that because the FAQ says it assigns a 4 digit number that the limit of the variable used to store that number is 4 digits.

    It's probably not and only displaying 4 digits for simplicity.

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    Thank goodness - some players, particularly female players - will welcome this change with open arms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerawyn View Post
    And I quote from the FAQ:

    "BattleTags will add a new way for you to make friendships and communicate in World of Warcraft. For example, you'll be able to create cross-game, cross-realm friendships with your BattleTag, similar to the way Real ID works now. We'll have more details to share closer to the feature's launch."

    What exactly would be the point of a cross-realm friendship if you can't do ANYTHING with it?
    Like I said "In their post they didnt say you'd get all the benefits of readID, just the communication aspects of it." You know, communicate.

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