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    [A] <Twelve> Frostmourne-US 25man 1/8H DS recruiting!


    Is a guild and community based on the Oceanic Frostmourne-US server, Twelve is currently seeking these dedicated classes for 4.3 progression:
    - Holy Paladins
    - Disc/Holy Priests
    - Any exceptional DPS besides Hunters and Rogues (We could really use another Warlock!)

    Raid times are currently:
    Wed/Thur/Sunday 6:45pm – 10:30pm server time.

    - 8/8N Dragon Soul 25Man
    - 6/7H in Firelands 25Man with Glory to the Firelands Raider completed

    The guild supplies all progression materials such as flasks and potions provided you pass your trial status, if you feel like you’re Twelve material, drop an application in our recruitment section.
    If you feel like you need a look around before dropping in an application, you can take a look around our very active forums.
    Or if you have some questions you can ask here or contact Dewfase, Moonslayér, Nardall, McTotem or Symbolism ingame.
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    Bumpzor, we are really in need of healers at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xaer View Post
    Bumpzor, we are really in need of healers at the moment.

    Ten Characters.

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    Funny picture, hopes you guys doing well in ds

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    Bump and stuff.

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