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    Almost every day, I hardly sleep. Damn you insomnia :<

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    BF3 Launch, Not quite a 24-session but I has very little down-time in the first 3 days.

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    Last Saturday, watching left 4 dead 2 on steam to download and playing xbox that was all, since I havenothing better to do on weekends
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unifybe View Post
    Almost every day, I hardly sleep. Damn you insomnia :<
    this lol. i stay up until i pass out. wake up and do it over again

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    Almost every day at the moment.

    Working from home has its benefits, but one of the issues is when something is bugging you and you want to fix it, you easily work until 7am, then have a meeting from 7:30am until 7pm then working through again.

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    Currently doing that right now, 5:11 AM and still going strong.

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    Last 36 hours was when I had a star wars marathon with some friends the day before mock-exam. Needless to say the mock-exam didn't work out to good xD

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    Up until this last year I was easily able to stay up for a full day, nearly all the time. Would stay up two days fairly regularly, and maybe once or twice a month would stay up three or four days. Was a major insomniac, had to have conditions perfectly comfortable for me to sleep, or had to wait it out until I reached a critical level of exhaustion where I would finally crash. So on average I would stay awake for a full day regularly, sleep for eight to ten hours when I eventually crashed (once a month or so) while sleeping more like three or four hours the rest of the time. No regular sleep hours.

    Then I ran into medical problems, and for most of the year I was sleeping for well over twelve hours a day, sometimes nearly entire days. Full reversal of before. Am finally starting to recover, and now, ironically, I sleep almost a perfect standard seven to eight hours every day.

    Out of the three (hardly ever sleeping, sleeping constantly, and having standard hours) everyone will tell you that you feel best with regular hours, but I actually felt much better back when I slept about half or less of what is recommended in a week. Sleeping all the time was horrible, though, and regular hours are in between.

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    2 days ago, went to bed at 6-7 am and got up 4-5 pm, thats a nono if you're looking for a job. So i skipped a night and got to bed early to switch up my schedule.

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    2-3 weeks ago. Went to a Military Training Camp for a week with my school. One day, we woke up at 6AM and had to go for breakfast. Then, that night, we had to go into Bomb Shelters for some "Survival Night" thing where we had ration packs. We also had out own stuff to heat up the food that was there. We had to have people standing outside to protect a glowstick for points or something. We had to stay up untill 6AM for it. We then could sleep untill 11 T_T. Was fun, but I was wrecked over not sleeping =P.

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    Last May. We had an important level design coursework deadline. Spent pretty much all my waking hours for two weeks working on the practical side (modelling, programming, texturing and so on). Alongside this, we were supposed to do a report explaining what we did and why/how. I completely underestimated and ignored the report until the last night. Yeah, that wasn't a good idea. Got a high grade at least, so it payed off in the end.

    I try to get at least 2-4 hours sleep at the minimum so rarely stay up that long if possible.

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    About every month or so. Due to finish project for college.
    Game design and development was a wrong choice if I was going for sleep
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    When Gears 3 came out I stayed up all night doing 4 player co-op on hardcore, then when we finished the campaign I went home and played multiplayer until I couldn't see straight.
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    Cataclysm release

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    When i was high a few months ago was up for around 32 hours, and i plan on doing the same when i get in for star wars (heres hoping today)

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    A few weeks ago I took a session af Anno 1404 from friday evening to early sunday (around 2.00 AM). So together with working on friday from ~8.00 AM it were roughly 44 sleepless hours. And even if that sounds insane, the sleep after something like that is the best you could possibly have.

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    The last time was when I was in Finnish Army. It's obligatory in Finland for all young men to go (minimum time is 6 months). On our camp to Lapland I usually slept from 0 to 5 hours a night. I've learned to value sleeping after that

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    I'm not what you'd call a good and regular sleeper, and past months have been brutal. Didn't sleep at all for a night at least once every 3 weeks and then spent the day dragging myself through to go to sleep at a reasonable time so I don't end up waking up in the middle of the night, wide awake. Got tired of doing it, so now I just have a fixed time of getting out of bed, regardless of what time I went in. That should help me get some regularity in my sleep pattern.

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    As of 30 minutes ago, today was the last time as it happened.
    Woo for insomnia!

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    I made 48 hours watching fringe once, then I slept for a good 20 hours. Last time I made 24 hours was some time when me and some friends stayed up all night playing the Wows in early 4.2, then we drove to Carls Jr. now that was a fun drive.
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