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    Yor'sahj: Deep Corruption and PW:S

    Hi! My 10 man raid raid is preparing to fight against Yor'sahj Hc. As you know, there is the purple add, Shadowed Globule, that if you don't kill it the boss adds a stack of Deep Corruption debuff to any player who receives a heal and deals 97k dmg to ALL players when somebody gets 5 stacks. So it's obvious that the healers must cast few large individual heals to avoid this damage. My question is, does the PW:S count as a heal that stacks Deep Corruption even if I remove the glyph that heals the target by 20% of the PW:S? Very appreciated.

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    Please use the search function or check manually before posting, but there u go


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    Yes it gives one stack even without the glyph. You can however pre-shield your assigned group and\or tanks prior to the slimes reaching the boss. There's even a little gap between slimes reaching the boss and the boss getting the buffs, it's brief though.

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    Gives one stack on application.

    About the glyph ... I do not know, our Priest is playing Holy on Yorsahj so that never came up, but it might just as well give one stack for the shield and the heal each considering how the mechanics for other heals work.

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    Oops, sorry and thanks. I visit this forum quite often Jervaise and I didn't see that thread so I didn't even think about looking for it. But you'r right, I should have searched anyway. Thanks.
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    from my observations, glyphed shield adds 1 stack (same as unglyphed).

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    PoM adds no stacks, sheilds/ground aoe placed prior to the ooze adds no stacks (as long as you do not move out/back in), I believe shamans are able to riptide/Chainheal thru a pet as pets gain no stacks/only the first bounce gives stacks to players.

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