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    Improving shadow dps

    So i feel like i have areas where i can improve on regarding shadow. I have the rotation down basically, i know what to cast/when, i know how to multidot, i know the basics lets keep it at that.
    How can i improve my DPS in regards to stats/gear, and even rotation if im doing something wrong. Im thinking about taking the guild back to FL so i can get my 4 set t12. (will have 2 pieces that are heroic, but i imagine that i could obtain the heroic chest/hands through heroic beth/baleroc now that we have gear) or should i just get 4 set t13?

    heres my opener/rotation: SW:P -> shadowfiend -> flay till 5x evang -> MB (till orb) if no orb keep flaying till 1 orb -> vamp -> DP -> archangel -> keep dots up -> blast when i have an orb, or if EP is above 8 seconds.

    should i reapply my dots when my DMC card/power torrent or whatever else is nearing their duration so that i can extend it via dots, even if my dots have a reasonable amount of time left on them?

    i have approximately 2600 haste, and im exactly at the 17% hit mark. I also always get dark intent, so should i reforge away from haste to mastery untill i that that 2150 haste mark or whatever it is just so i can get the extra Vamp tick? or apparently crit is becoming more valuable, so should i balance out crit/mastery while staying at 2150 haste?

    here are the logs/armory for this week (i dps hagara, ultra, yorsahj, warmaster and madness)

    h t t p : / / worldoflogs. com/reports/am8pd5zu7cps64dj/

    Cheers, anything helps

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    Haste>Mastery 95% of the time.
    MB on CD, never fish for orbs.
    Don't Dark Archangel right off the bat as most your procs will drop off by the time you get charged to do it, use DA second proc round. Unless Heroism/Bloodlust off the bat.
    Refresh DoTs on DMC:V Proc and right before drop off.
    ht t p : / /raidbots. com/epeenbot/us/darkspear/hughmad/ (remove the spaces), most fights you're average or just slightly above.
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