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    FYI: DTR Completion Quest Known Issues 4.3

    I just thought I'd pass this information along, since I hadn't seen it since 4.3 dropped. Our 10 man guild got it's second staff last night. Blizzard decided to change some things for the last quest turn in for DTR after you have all your siphons and the heart from Ragnaros since 4.3. If you have your Runestaff of Nordrassil transmog'd, the final quest to witness the ceremony will not complete. Make sure you remove any transmog before starting the ceremony quest. Secondly, now after 4.3 you are unable to complete the quest in a raid group. Our Ele Shaman was going crazy when he couldn't click on the staff and then it just floated away and he didn't get credit for witnessing the ceremony. You are able to abandon and pick up the quest again in the cathedral district if you made this mistake. I'm a little confused about the raid group change, since you could be prior to 4.3. Oh well...random Blizzard changes :P.

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    Oh for crying out loud... gosh darn it. Thanks for the heads up. Our mage is about to finish hers too so I'll pass that along.

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