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    Stereoscopic 3D for Diablo 3?

    I can't seem to find it anywhere, but will Diablo III have support for nVidia Stereoscopic 3D? (:

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    3dvision might work on it, but even if it does I don't think it'd look good.
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    the 3d vision typically works with games that don't even support it.

    I have the beta and am setup with my 3dvision. I wasn't checking on that last night. But when I get home today, I'll give it a try in 3d and see what I can and report back. Interested on what it looks like too. Just haven't had a chance.

    It'll be interesting to see how well it works (if at all) in that angled, down ward view that diablo always has.

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    Alright, got home and did some testing and fiddling around specifically with the 3Dvison for the game.

    First off, as of now, at least in the beta, there is absolutely no in-game support for 3Dvison.

    This said, it doesn't stop you from using it. Nvidia, for logical reasons, currently has the game as unrated for 3dvison and there are no in-game slider bars or on and off features. How ever, if you start up the game and just click the transmitter on and mess with the depth on the transmitter, it works just fine.

    Honestly, I was pretty impressed. Without any support it looks just as good as it ever did in WoW. Now you don't have the option of rotating around your character in a 3d environment (like in WoW. You can zoom in on your character though) and that takes a little of the immersion away (gotta stick true to the diablo 3rd person view! :P). But the 3D in my opinion does work well and adds a lot of depth to the game. I will definitely be making use of my glasses for this game.

    Im playing through the part of act 1 that is open to beta again, this time with my gamma adjusted down and in full 3D. Its a pretty sweet experience and I believe anyone with 3Dvison would agree.

    If you have any questions, let me know or shoot me a message.
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    hey, i just want to ask which software does the Nvidia 3d vision use for conversion of games into stereoscopy ? i use passive 3d with this software: http://www.tridef.com/home.html , does the nvidia 3d use this software too ? or a different one ? and does anyone have experience with TriDef 3d ? i would like to know if D3 will support this software. World Of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 already support it and in SC2, the stereo-3d looks really amazing (and it would be similar in D3

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