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    Amazing guide, I've done my fair share of soloing level 60 content, and weak level 70 content, but had no idea I could be soloing 80/85 stuff with the right spec/gear/mindset.

    Was looking for a reason to get rid of my raid-bear spec, this will do. Resto was taking over as far as raiding goes anyways.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Happy to add another challenging boss for anyone interested in that stuff . (really really bugged, combined several of the attempts, the kill attempt also includes the 2 previous wipes for example.)

    Really very happy that he wasn't a pushover, I was worried that he would be since I hadn't tried before and didn't know the gear I'd need. Will update the list.

    Edit: 30th attempt, neat. Apparently, I killed exactly 666 drudge ghouls attempting that. Also neat.
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    Wow, congrats Wondor if thats a druid first.

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    Thanks for the thread, encourages me to try some solos on my druid, will report back!

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    Although I'll admit it's much more entertaining to do than to watch. Actually the whole "you must be above 90% health all the time" thing kinda makes it dull to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braindwen View Post
    3d: Impossible. Anything with Shadron is impossible unless you can burn Sarth in 75 seconds.
    Just tried it. My best try was 600k. Self buffed and my gear is not the best, just 397 so I guess in BiS gear it should be doable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by traen View Post
    Just tried it. My best try was 600k. Self buffed and my gear is not the best, just 397 so I guess in BiS gear it should be doable.
    600k is still almost 20% . Not to mention living through Tenebron's enrage long enough to finish him will be a bit of a challenge. Updated it to be more descriptive, but I'm skeptical of it being doable this expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braindwen View Post
    600k is still almost 20% . Not to mention living through Tenebron's enrage long enough to finish him will be a bit of a challenge. Updated it to be more descriptive, but I'm skeptical of it being doable this expansion.
    Nah, I'm quite positive about it. Gear scales exponentially.
    More gear means more survivability. Heroic Kiril, 416 agi trinket, a lot of armor on items, full epic gems - means a lot of dps, dodge and survivability. It means that you will be able to stay in cat form longer.
    You should do as much dps as possible in cat form, burning all cooldowns and using prepot. You should not leave cat form until tenebron lands. When he lands, you should reapply rake and rip and go to bear form. They can't kill you in bear form, most of the damage will be absorbed by savage defence. Ofc you should be lucky enough to resist one or two of their breaths.
    You should pop FR, heal up to acceptable level. Than you use second pot, go to cat form, refresh rip using your t13 set bonus and reapply rake. This should be enough to finish him off before enrage.

    Anyway, there is no real reason to solo him.

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    3D does give a mount.

    Course, for all the time you'd spend soloing him, you could just grab a friend and duo it twice.

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    Kael'thas Sunstrider: Medium. Clear the instance first. Run out of his room, kill the first, 3rd, and 4th adds on one side of the instance, the 2nd add on the other side. Berserk+Thorns and aoe down the weapons, loot the mace and staff. Go to 2nd add, kill him, equip legendary staff and use it, kill 3rd and 4th adds, kill 1st when he gets there. In p4, interrupt fireballs when you can, keep staff buff up for the disorient, keep mace buff up when you can, CDs for the pyroblasts. If needed, you can run away and continuously range his fireballs to heal. At 50%, equip your normal weapon, berserk if it’s up, and chase him down with dash until he gets to his room. The last bit is the same as before; keep the staff buff up and interrupt fireballs. Keep your distance and heal during the gravity lapse. There is no pyroblast in this phase, so just use CDs whenever.
    I was farming it for months like that.
    Today I was kinda lazy, so I decided not to run anywhere.

    I hided behind the statue and killed all 4 adds at the same spot.
    Than I killed weapons without using berserk, starting in cat form and ending in bear form. Before finishing last add I healed to full and equipped the staff.
    Adds activated, I waited for fear and just used berserk in bear form to kill all 4 adds at once. I used survival instincts but did not have to use frenzied regeneration. Killed Kael'thas as usual.

    So.. using this strategy you don't have to clear anything anymore - you can run stealthed all the way to boss. All you need is to kill one trash pack near your statue, other packs will not even aggro at pull. Also kill itself is much faster and a lot less annoying

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    Works like a charm. I was worried about p4, and it *was* actually hard... but that's just because I got a phone call during it (yes, really, ugh ). Plenty of room to run around to make up for the fact I had a 1 minute interrupt.

    Killed all the trash in his room. You have berserk for it anyway, doesn't take too long.
    I'd recommend separating the first guy (thaladred) from the rest. Berserk only hits 3 anyway, so keeping him away to prevent his bleed stacking at the start is helpful. Also worth noting the advisors rezzing is on a timer, so you're free to kill all the weapons before healing up, grabbing mace buff, and activating the staff just before they rez.
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    Amazing job Braindwen!! You're an inspiration, I'm yet to attempt LK but I must know (a little off topic) What is that weapon you have it's friggin' enormous and I must have it!

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

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    Kiril, Fury of Beasts transmogged into Black Ice. Kiril's size proc makes it as big as a building, pretty impressive actually. Kiril's off Madness, Black Ice is off Malygos, so only black ice is soloable .
    Brutal Gladiator's Painsaw matches my set much more nicely though (not to mention being stupidly easy to get, like 300 honor), so I switched to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braindwen View Post
    Vault of Archavon:

    Archavon the Stone Watcher: Easy.
    Can someone confirm this? When I tried him and was grabbed, the boss just stood there with nobody to attack and regained his health.

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    ^archavon. He just keeps attacking during the grip every time I've done him too, but it's entirely possible he's been broken by some patch.

    edit: Just checked, and he's working just fine. Thought maybe DoTs were what kept him attacking, but nope. Even with no DoTs/HoTs to pull threat after stomp he just kept flinging me around and attacking me.
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    Just soloed twin emps! it is possible but requires extremely good gear, 4 pc t13 is a must.
    Did a total of 7.14 million damage (27k+ dps), have about the best non heroic gear available, flasked and food with self buffs etc. Initially I tried dpsing both emps by a corner of the wall so T can maintain my dps on the physical emp as they teleport swap with each other. However, the best i can manage is around 23k dps with that strategy, and it is evident i can never down them as they are outhealing my damage out of berserk. Tried a new strategy of just tanking them out in the open and adjusting the physical emperor such that when they teleport, I can use my feral charge to proc stampede. Worked like a charm.

    The key is to get the emperor below 60% as fast as possible using berserk, prepotting. After that, the constant stampede talent proc from feral charge and tiger's fury, coupled with blood in the water should sustain the damage healing quota long enough for you to berserk a second time for the kill. Dont forget to stagger cooldowns wisely and use predator's swiftness proc to heal whenever you are out of energy since they do a huge amount of damage and i am at like 15% or so with no cooldowns at the kill.

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    Thats really pro nice done. For sure need alot of gear.

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    Just repeated it, 394 ilvl. I actually didn't flask or anything, just kinda winged it. Was happy to find out that using FR only let them heal about 200k health, while healing me from like 6k to almost full . It really does speed up past 60%, though.
    23.8k DPS as per Recount. Just used a standard DPS spec.

    I'd suggest tagging the magic emperor with SOMETHING, though. I didn't, and got no loot from him.

    Edit: C'thun+Ouro is... funny. Between Ouro emerging every now and then and all the tentacles erupting I felt like I was being tossed around like a ragdoll. Then in p2 I wasn't loading the stomach quickly enough . Burned C'thun to 950k/1M (at like 99% damage reduction) before I got bored, killed Ouro, and died in the stomach.
    It's possible, and quite a fun fight tbh, but I didn't actually kill it.
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    How exactly do you kill Rage Winterchill? I get damaged by her death and decay even if I am 100 yards away, killing me in max 3 death and decays.

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    A lot of people seem to have issue w/ the dnd he leaves behind. Hope the video helps, I did this a while back but mechanics can break when patches are released. So I am unsure about the dmg factor being 100 yds away. I just remember being a huge radius.

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