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    [Druid] Make your own T18 Set Bonuses!

    Saw a similar thread in the warlock basement.

    So I decided to bring it here, to the surface. Where the better classes hang out. Kappa.

    2pc: Casting moonfire always applies Sunfire, and Sunfire always applies Moonfire. In addition to increasing their damage by 10%.
    4pc: When you Starsurge a target with both Sunfire and Moonfire applied, your next 2 Starfires or Wraths will cast a copy of itself for 150% additional damage.

    Eh. Post yours!
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    Well I mean if we're posting completely broken bonuses...

    2pc: Casting moonfire also casts starfire. Casting sunfire also casts wrath.
    4pc: Celestial alignment is now passive and always active.

    My preference though:

    2pc: does nothing
    4pc: does nothing

    I hate being chained to 4pc sets and bonuses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lybydose View Post
    Well I mean if we're posting completely broken bonuses...
    4pc: You now have a raid wide aura that gives INFINITE MANA, and your hots do all healing instantly.

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    2pc: Abilities that would kill you reduce your health to 1 instead. 9 Charges. 10 minute cooldown.
    4pc: Taunt is usable in cat form.

    2pc: Your health is increased by an additional 25% while in bear form.
    4pc: While berserk is active, Mangle applies Moonfire to damaged targets.

    2pc: Moonfire's mana cost is reduced by 20%, but also damages you for 2% of your maximum health.
    4pc: Sunfire's mana cost is increased by 12%, and also heals you for 4% of your maximum health.

    2pc: Grant your raid an additional combat resurrection charge.
    4pc: While in treant form, movement speed and casting times are reduced by 100%.

    ^Totes balanced, amirite?

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    2pc: Rip duration increased x2
    4pc: Your FB mounts your jaw on target for 10 seconds + damage increased
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    2pc: Your Rejuvenation's healing has a chance to grant you <generic nature-y sounding thing here>, causing your next healing spell to have its cast time and mana cost reduced by 100%. (X % chance, X PPM)

    4pc: Your Wild Growth's healing multistrikes grant you a stack of <another generic nature-y sounding thing here>. Upon reaching X stacks, your next Wild Growth causes mushrooms to sprout beneath the affected targets. After Y seconds, these mushrooms explode doing Z healing to all allies nearby.

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    2 pc: Rejuvenation ticks have x% chance to summon a miniature mushroom at the targets feet for 8 seconds.
    4 pc: Letting your Lifebloom expire reduces the cooldown of your Wild Growth by 2 seconds.

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    2 pc: Your rejuvenation ticks have a x% chance to mana burn the healing priest(s) of your raid.
    4 pc: Your healing over time also applies an equal DOT on the healing priest(s) of your raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulmita View Post

    2 pc: Your rejuvenation ticks have a x% chance to mana burn the healing priest(s) of your raid.
    4 pc: Your healing over time also applies an equal DOT on the healing priest(s) of your raid.
    Grants the ability to disable the spell Power Word: Shield

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    Quote Originally Posted by brilynn View Post
    grants the ability to disable the spell power word: Shield
    yeah, eat s#$t disc priests!!

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    Balance 2 pc: Casting Moonfire/Sunfire at peak allow your dots to never be reduced in dmg below a neutral Eclipse bar
    Balance 4 pc: Finishing a Starfire in solar phase increases your next wraths damage by 66%. Finishing a wrath in lunar phase increases your next starfires damage by 33%. 4 second internal CD.
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    (the realistic)
    - Tiger's Fury cooldown reduced by 10 sec
    - Ferocious Bite now refresh Savage Roar to its maximum duration

    (the wishful)
    - Blood Talon is not a mandatory talent anymore
    - Swipe damage is increased by 300%

    (the crazy)
    - Orca form now usable everywhere, cat abilities are now usable in Orca form.
    - New ability: Free Willy - You can leap trough walls

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    Balance 2pc: While Peak (Lunar) is active, Moonfire spreads to all targets with your Sunfire. While Peak (Solar) is active, your next Sunfire deals initial damage to nearby enemies.
    Balance 4pc: Starsurge grants an additional stack of Lunar Empowerment. Solar Empowerment causes Wrath to Multistrike.
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    2p - Savage Roar now adds 5sec to each combo point used.
    4p - Trash now also cast shred on all targets.

    Something like that maybe.. they need to fix our aoe but 4p should also be usuable on singletarget.

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    2pc - all healing done has a chance to summon a Sporebat that flies to an injured target within 40 yards and upon impact heals them for X amount.

    4pc - Tree of Life and Soul of the Forest now have 2 charges; Force of Nature has 6 charges

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    2p: During celestial alignment, Starfall & starsurge apply moonfire & sunfire to all targets hit, this effect doesn't apply the initial damage.

    4p: Casting starsurge allows you to cast another one for free within the next 5 seconds, this effect has a 20 second cooldown

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    2pc: Every dot tick as a x% chance to add 5 seconds onto Savage roar
    4pc: Each finisher after Tiger's fury grants double damage and double duration

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    Side not. dodnt play feral so i wont butcher it with weird set bonus. and this is of current patch with current spells. and looking at the current problems with our classes
    Feral:sorry nope. the rest i have played allot in riads ( hc/mytic)

    2pc: barkskin has 2 charges
    4pc: bear form gives extra hp.

    2pc: casting your sun or moonfire places the other one also on the target
    4pc: starsurge has a x % change to spilt into 3 bolts

    2pc: genisis cost 50% less mana :P ( just kidding that would be op). Your mushroom heals for % more.
    4pc: wild grotwh has a x% change to put a living seed on all targets healed

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    Balance already gets sweet bonuses to be honest.

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    2p: Having rejuv rolling on 3 or more target reduces the mana cost and cd of wild growth by 20%
    4p: Casting wild growth reduces mana cost of rejuv by 45% for 6sec
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