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    Having trouble with Malygos. I 2maned it as bear + resto druid and We got him to 50% 6 seconds before berserk timer, did phase 2 fine and then insta wiped because of berserk in phase 3.

    Any tips?

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    Are you undergeared? Also, do you kill the sparks that go to malygos and use em for the buff? If you take 2 stacked arcane buffs, its 100% dmg buff for you... its uber cat bleeds :O
    From what I remember, depending on your dps... you dont want more then 3 air phases because phase 2 will take you sometime to kill the floating adds and phase 3 will take some ramp up w/ the dot on maly. The enrage was somewhat tight the first time I solod it.

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    Phase 1 is all about spark management, though I find it amazing you took almost the full 10 minutes for 3.5 million health. Even without ANY spark usage, that's only around 6k dps... which is frankly far too low to kill Maly. You want him out of the phase right around the 3rd vortex, with 4 really pushing it but probably possible with a strong p2+p3.
    If you take 2 stacked arcane buffs, its 100% dmg buff for you
    It's actually even more than that, since each spark multiplies your damage by 1.5, so 2 sparks=225% damage. It's very important that you stack these well, so keep an eye on where they're spawning and move Maly so they'll cut through where you're stacking them (I use the middle).
    Note that if you have a healer with you, you should be in cat all of P1, he doesn't hit hard.

    Phase 2 is quick, ~1.5 minutes if you do it right. Bear Berserk the melee adds down, then switch to cat, jump on a disc, and start tearing through the ranged adds. Should be able to stack up 5pt rip+rake up quickly and let bleeds finish them while you move on (just make sure you have enough DoTs up to actually kill them, having to go back for a 10k health add eats up time).

    Phase 3 takes ~3 minutes. Took me 4 minutes the first times I did it because I was bad (using 5pt engulfs because I thought I needed to shield ), but with 1-1-2-3 it's a very quick phase.

    e: and like most stuff on this list, he's a total joke in DS gear. Screwed up bigtime (let half the sparks reach him, lol) and killed him in just over 8 minutes. At least it's not as bad as Yogg where I can solo the speedkill achieve .
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    Oh dear. Just went back to do it today and noticed it had 6.7 million health, rather than the 20 million it had last night, must have left it set to 25player from the OS25 3D i did earlier. Soloed it in a few minutes. No mount.


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    That'd do it . Grats on killing it at least. The mounts will drop eventually.

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    Few days ago i transfered to Allliance and chosed Night Elf for my druid.
    Because Black Temple was closed for my as tauren i go there yesterday and tested it.

    High Warlord Naj'entus : Easy (only for Night Elf), As person witch have most agro you cant be targeted by his shell so there is no possiblity to destroy it. So you need to use shadowmeld. Basicly drag him to the middle of room and position self to Najentus - You - Spawn Platform. When shield is up us shadowmeld to "reset him". When he start moving to the platform his bubble is reseted (even if there is still animation) pick him up again and repeat. For kill is needed to use +- 2 shadowmelds. Only dps him as kitty there is no need to use bear form for this.
    This boss is doable for any Night Elf. If you are not night elf you will probabbly will need to use Rogue (vanish) or Hunter (faint death, whit re-summoning pet), Najentus do really low dmg.

    Supremus: Easy for everyone. Just avoid flame and in P2 point your self to the wall so he will not kick you away (he attack slowly, max crit hit from him was 13K in P2 and i was in Kitty), Use Kitty with instant Healing Touch if needed.

    Because it was nearly before raid i has no time to test other bosses Shade of Akama, Teron Gorefiend, Gurtogg Bloodboil. Gurtogg will be hard dps chack because stacking bleeding. Reliquary of Souls is impossible (so will not see Mother)

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    @Zeechet. Thanks for the Naj'entus details. I'd been wondering how that worked . Did you ever end up doing Bloodboil? I'm interested to see how that would work out.

    Also, have another boss for any DS-geared Bearcats:

    spec used:
    Just have CDs planned out for the add spawns. Kiroptyric Sigil helps bigtime.
    I used:
    1: Pre-pot+Enrage+Berserk(bear)
    2: Sigil+Barkskin
    3: 2nd Pot+SI
    4: Sigil+Barkskin (FR'd here too since I was low)
    5: Enrage+Berserk
    6: Kill her before it spawns, or I'm dead

    May want to game vengeance a bit more than I did in p2 too (by leaving melee adds up and killing them with cleaves instead of instantly killing them, and maybe standing in DnD a bit more), since I almost hit berserk. Of course kill Adherents immediately to prevent the curse.

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    I found that KT is a lot easier as boomkin than as feral. Preparations are the same - clear the Alar's room, KT's room and both tunnels leading to it (no need to clear the other 2 bosses). I strongly recommend taking the Lunar Shower at least for the 1st kill, it helps a lot. The fight goes like this:
    1. Kill 1st, 3rd and 4th advisors in the room near KT's room, 2nd in Alar's room.
    2. AOE down the weapons anywhere you like. Take both staff and mace. Equip and use the staff.
    3. Run to Alar's room and nuke the guy that fears asap.
    4. Kite and DOT 3 other advisors. DPS doesn't matter here, there's plenty of time.
    5. On KT (phase 4):
    - keep your HP at 60-80%, keep HOTs running
    - keep DOTs on KT
    - don't use Regrowth, since it'll drain your mana fast
    - starfall and innervate on CD, use treants after disorienting AOE
    - kill eggs, if your HP is ok, otherwise just run away, LOS KT and heal
    - DPSing KT is the lowest priority; DOTs, starfall and treants will kill him eventually

    The most dangerous ability here is the disorienting AOE. If you get disoriented, you'll probably wipe, so only swap the legendary staff if:
    - KT just cast his AOE. In this case equip the legendary mace and refresh the -50% fire damage buff, then get the staff back and use it.
    - KT just got his shield up. In this case do the same as above, run far away from KT and heal yourself. You can't LOS his pyroblasts, but you can LOS fireballs, so running away will buy you some time to get HP up after the shield.
    - even if your -50% fire damage buff has fallen off and KT is not shielded - DON'T SWAP THE STAFF! Just barkskin, LOS and heal.

    6. At 50% KT will run to his room - he's still attackable, so forget about eggs and healing and nuke KT to make phase 5 shorter.
    7. During KT's role-playing kill the eggs and heal.
    8. Repeat what you did in phase 4. The main difference is you can nuke the shit out of KT during the levitation, since there's almost no incoming damage. After the levitation ends refresh the -50% fire damage buff, re-equip the staff, use it, heal. Repeat untill KT is dead.

    Gear is irrelevant there, this fight is all about weapons swapping.

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    New informations about Gurtogg Bloodboil. Last week i tested him 2-3 times and was wiping on 30-37 stacks of dot (bad RNG on dodge). This week i try him 2 times only in bear form and get him to 20-30% when i die. So i reforged my gear to dodge and finally killed him today. Maybe with good RNG : ) dodged enought to hold stacks under 14. So i think its hard one but possible to do him, simullary to Instructor in Naxx. There is one metode to kill him faster by using shadowmelt and target dummy but i never try it.

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    I tried BWL today. Found really hard to keep razor's hp up until cleaning all eggs. Actually I ended up mostly only in second or third mind control time. Any tips?

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    If regrowth isn't up on you and ticking all fight, you won't hold threat on anything and he'll die in a hurry. I hope that part is obvious from the description, though, so:

    A: Cast thorns on yourself before every channel. Clears out add waves very well, helping your survival enormously. Channel in bear form (duh), and stay in bear at all times except putting up thorns/occasionally healing if needed.
    B: Don't stop a channel early (before the cast finishes) unless you're going to die. More time channeling=less time the boss can aggro stuff.
    C: Kite the boss around. Mostly to avoid Conflag on you, if you get hit with that everything will drop off you and hit him instead until the stun wears off. There's only 15 seconds between channels, so this part isn't hard. The best way to go about it is to have him at the other end of the room when the channel breaks, so he'll spend most of his time lumbering over.

    So stay below 50% health, kill off everything you can during those 15 seconds you aren't channeling without letting Razorgore near you, and put up thorns prior to channeling.

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    Thank you for your advice. I do have trouble to keep regrowth up because sometimes hp goes up to 50% >_<

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    Someone should do a boomkin solo guide. :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perigee View Post
    Someone should do a boomkin solo guide. :3
    Hardly any raids you can do as moonkin, with the absence of a non-critable talent, at least from BC and up.
    Most sub-85 dungeons and cata normals should be possible, however though.

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    BEEEN UBER LAZY at soloing
    but finally got something new

    Instructor Razuvious

    pretty sure other peeps have gotten but still a new one for me

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    BEEEN UBER LAZY at soloing
    So have I . Well, until today at least:

    THAT was an exercise in frustration . Moar details when I feel less lazy, but I lied about Naj'entus being impossible.

    So anyway, Illidan is also soloable, but I don't believe Reliquary is (and I'm unsure about council) so no farming . At least, not without a DK to tag-team for Reliquary (Reliquary solo as unholy is awesome, btw). Vanquished Clutches of Yogg-Saron works for Naj'entus: Do 0 threat, wait until ~20-30 seconds in, and use it. He'll impale you, and when the stun ends spam-click the spine to loot it. Do the same when the trinket is off CD (And his shield isn't up), heal up with FR, and burn through breaking 2 shields with your spines.

    Someone should do a boomkin solo guide. :3
    I might, but
    A: I'm awful at cata boomkin
    B: 400 ilvl feral vs. 384 Boomkin. Limits what I can do a bit.

    Boomkins have vashj and kael, that's something!
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    I'm thinking about trying Sarth 3D 10 man. Considering how much damage I was able to do on the tendons for H Spine, I'm wondering if it is possible now...

    I'm ilvl 399, that is with LFR Vial and Kiroptyric Sigil (which I would use for the burst).


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    I guess hardest thing would be surviving the enrage of the small drakes when sarth goes below 25%.

    (if you're feeling adventurous, zerg3d without clearing trash is also fun )
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    he has ~4m for 3d 10 i believe, which requires ballpark 40k + dps in 75-90 seconds
    forgot the exact math
    but i remember tryiing to find the minimum dps needed before the 2nd drake summons the portals which causes everything to go immune
    I was in firelands gear when i attempted 2d os 10, the issue was 2nd drake that lands (killed off the immune portal drake), his thorns like debuff he puts up on Sarth and all the adds basically causes you to kill urself when you aoe.

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