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    Any chance at new footage?

    So, with the CB underway and the NDA in effect, is there any chance of any new footage between now and release?

    Its been forever since I've taken part in the beta process of a game, so I can't recall if any footage is normally released. Or if any more game conventions are between now and release as well.

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    There will probably be some more shows between now and release. The NDA will likely be lifted when the open beta starts. Also, keep in mind that ArenaNet has a history of having very short open betas.

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    Arena net devs said in a recent chat that there will be a blog post on Tuesday to reexplain the thief and what utility they bring too the group along with some other things. So maybe Tuesday

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    With the Mesmer being recently revealed, people have asked for some PvP footage. They did say they will release some more footage before the demos in 2012.

    Unable to post links but if you type in "Mesmer pvp footage + guild wars 2" into google, it's the top one, the guild wars insider one.

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    To be honest, and this may be off topic (and in my opinion), I think getting that blog that should be coming today is even better than footage

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    This is a 2 sided story for me really, one side I'd like to know every sort of information available, but on the other side I'd like the testers to respect the NDA. We've been waiting for so long now, I think we can wait 2-3 months longer.

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