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    Chaud setup of the month for business

    Looking at the setup of the month from Chaud. Which choice would be best for a business level PC? Standard office work includes Microsoft applications, e-mail, probably web browsing. Would any hardware advice changed on the specific category. Puppy for example.

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    If all you will do is Word/Excel/Power Point, E-mail and browsing the web I'd say you should look into a Llano or a Fusion build. Llano offers a much stronger CPU and GPU combo, but also costs more and draws a lot more power. In my opinion, overkill for office work but it does offer enough power for potential gaming and heavier application use. Fusion is cheap, very energy efficient (~10W) and fast enough to handle 1080p video.

    This is more or less the exact same build I use when I'm working (see it here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...post12787659):
    Office 250
    MoBo: ASRock E350M1$99.99
    CPU: AMD Fusion APU E-350 – (Comes with MoBo)
    RAM: Corsair XMS3 1600MHz 4GB$26.99
    HDD: Seagate Momentus 2.5" 320GB$47.99
    Case: Antec ISK 100$74.99 Review

    Estimated Total Price – $250
    Recommended for:
    Office work; e-mail, browsing, writing. Can also
    serve as a HTPC. If you are not experienced
    with building another case (bigger) is recommended
    considering the small workspace.
    The energy consumption is less than 30W, it's extremely lightweight and small and surprisingly powerful. I'd say the above is enough for your intentions. More of my sample builds can be found here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-Sample-Builds

    Also to note, Chaud's setups are meant as gaming builds.
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    As far as I know Chaud's setups are aimed towards gaming. You should be looking elsewhere if you want office desktops as they can be quite cheap/weak and still get the job done.

    What Marest proposed is a good office setup.
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    Thank you Marest, this is fantastic!

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    Yup, those builds aren't really for office work. I would step up to a better CPU though, even for office work.

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    As I did mention the Llano, my 350 build should qualify as a bit stronger setup. It's not really needed for your intentions, but it might be nice to have some extra power just in case you want to run something a bit more demanding in the future.

    Family/Entry PC 350
    MoBo: ASRock A55M-HVS FM1$58.99
    CPU: AMD Llano A8-3850$139.99
    RAM: Patriot Viper 1866MHz 2x2GB$39.99
    HDD: WD Caviar Blue 500GB$44.99
    PSU: Enermax NAXN 350W$44.99
    Case: Rosewill R101$29.99 Review

    Estimated Total Price – $359
    Recommended for:
    Office work; e-mail, browsing, writing. Entry
    level gaming. Potent family computer. Small
    and compact.

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