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    SWTOR and Diablo 3 Budget Build

    $500ish is ideal, but $750 is workable if the performance is worth it.
    Games / Settings Desired
    WoW / SWTOR / Diablo 3
    I'm fine with running the settings in the lower to mid levels if the fps is solid.
    Any other intensive software or special things you do
    Strictly a gaming machine.
    Parts that can be reused

    Completely "relearning" everything. I've been using Macs for years and will continue to do so, but SWTOR is finally a game that I want to play but can't on a Mac without Bootcamp.

    My questions/thoughts. There is only going to be game files on this machine. Noticed 1TB is the common drive sizes from my limited research but for my needs is that really necessary? With some of the new gear coming out in January or so, would it be a decent idea to hold off and hopefully get some cheaper and better option at that point?
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    From Marest's Sample Builds:
    Budget Gaming 550
    MoBo: ASRock H67M (B3)$79.99
    CPU: Intel i3 2100$124.99
    RAM: G.Skill 1333MHz 2x2GB$29.99
    GPU: XFX Radeon 6870$169.99
    HDD: Seagate Barracuda 500GB$54.99
    PSU: Antec EarthWatts 430W$44.99
    Case: NZXT Gamma Classic$35.99

    Estimated Total Price – $541

    He's also got a build for $655 in that thread, but I assume you'll need an operating system and peripherals (i.e. a keyboard, a mouse, and a monitor). You can get Windows 7 Home Premium for ~$80 right now on TigerDirect or NewEgg... Or, if you're currently in school and your school is a MSDNAA college, you could get it for free... Or, if you have a .edu email address, you can usually get it at a huge discount on various websites.

    There's also Chaud's builds, the latest of which can be found here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/...he-Daily-Blink The puppy build is right around your price range, but I don't recommend it (nothing against Chaud or his builds, I'm just an Intel fanboy). If you need some peripheral ideas, he has some recommendations there as well.

    Regarding HDD sizes, 1TB is not necessary if you're only using this PC for gaming. I use a 500GB HDD (alongside a 120GB SSD) and it is no where near full with approximately a dozen games on it. Marest's HDD recommendation in the build above is a good one. 1TB drives are recommended because you don't have to worry about them filling up quickly, and they're usually pretty cheap (which is not the case right now due to the flooding in Thailand), but if you aren't storing music and/or movies you don't need one.
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