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    Having 4pc of 391 i won't switch it till i get 2pc 397, the 2pc T13 it's not that good to switch H4pc T12 with LFR pieces, if you have 378 then you should go with whatever piece of T13 you can get your hands on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatorangeya View Post
    why force them to use extra mana healing you when you can avoid it?
    It's not only that, sometimes SWD will kill you because of raid damage combined with the damage from SWD.
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    switched from heroic t12 4set to heroic t12 2 set plus raid finder t13 2 set

    being able to SWD at will is awesome, on average, boss fights only, SWD is now doing 8% of my damage

    I don't regret it and advice any spriest working on progression to do this if possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sania View Post
    I tried both, I still feel more comfortable with the 4piece for now and im rocking the 397 2 pieces in my bags. Might just all be in my head too.
    So true, I was trying them on oozes and there was a 4k diffrence in dps. Probably because I'm not used to using SW anymore cause it kills me on baleroc and shit.

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    Me and our other spriest now stick to the boss during H Yor'sahj and just turn and SW: D the slimes when they are in range. We're are barely off from a kill (4% wipe), and its all coming down to straight damage into the boss (less mind sear, more single target). Taking less damage to help the healers is absolutely needed, and on top of the extra damage to slimes at sub 25%, makes this fight perfect for our 2pc.

    I know switching to 4pc is a dps loss, but the added burst from it onto the slimes on the handful of attempts I used it was useful, but I did switch back to double 2pc because I needed the raw single target damage. I like the mechanics of the 4pc, but the amount of orbs you waste is insane, and really wish blizzard would rethink it, or at least give us more abilities that use orbs (empowered VT maybe? or Emp. SW: D?).
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