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    Gay or not gay.

    So on the first day of this semester I saw a guy I thought was cute. When the professor asked us to choose a partner and write a short biography about each other I marched over to him and told him "We're going to be partners." He agreed and we talked a little bit etc. He's a nice guy, but one of the things he mentioned for his biography is that he has a girlfriend.

    Being the internet savvy gentleman that I am, I stalked him and found him on facebook and added him. His orientations says that he's interested in women. When I was creeping through his status updates, he had posted a story about gay teens and coming out, but also mentioning: "I'm not gay, but this is a really good story." A few days later he sent me a message that said "We need to get you out more (lol), I've been cooped up in the house all weekend! Text me --- ----).

    Then, today, he told me he forgot his I.D. and asked me to drive with him to buy him a pack of smokes. Afterwards, he asked me if I wanted to go to a movie with him on Friday? I immediately blurted out "Yes!" even though I'm working all day Friday.

    Is he interested, or is he not? I'm bad at this sort of thing. Any insight is appreciated!

    Edit: Thank you for all of the responses. I'll probably just ask him if he's gay on Friday. Should have made a poll haha. I'll let you guys know after I ask him.

    Edit: In class on Thursday we had to announce what we were going to write our narratives about. I said I was going to write mine about when I came out to my parents. He looked a little surprised and even asked me a few questions, and then reminded me about the movies the next day. I'm pretty confident that he's just trying to be a bro, so I'm going to treat him as such. Thanks guys.
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    Have you considered asking him his sexual orientation?

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    he just wants to bro

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    i think you're hanging onto a thin thread of wishful thinking.

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    that depends... are you male or female? XD

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    I think you might be slighty overexcited here. Two males can hang out together without being gay. The fact that he invited you to cinema can simply mean friendship not more serious relationship. I would advice you to wait a little and see if he starts to be more accurate about his feelings.

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    He lost his ID and wanted his friend to help.
    He found a story about a gay person interesting.
    He wants to watch a film with a male friend in a public place.

    Its called male bonding. Its what guy friends do. Just because you have a girlfriend doesnt mean you cant hang out with your buddies anymore (Unless your whipped like a sadist). Might be gay but no more likely than anyone else, just go with the flow. Consider him straight until future signs.
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    Go and find out? You are only speculating right now. Follow through, see where it goes. Could be something more, or could just be a new friend. Win win, imo.
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    I'm pretty sure the only one that can know the answer is the dude. But hey, I'm just as oblivious to signs like that as well. Someone who's better at reading people could probably give you a better guess with the information you gave.

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    I'm just warning you, these kind of questions bait rather.... Unpleasant responses.

    To answer your question, though, he asked you to the movies, that's a pretty common first date maneuver. If it's just the two of you, then I would assume that he's interested, but in case he's not, allow him to make the right moves just to be sure.

    I kind of feel strange answering a question like this, but I hope I was helpful. As for your work problem, pretend your sick. One day of work isn't all that bad, especially if it's for someone you're interested in.
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    If you wanna stay friends in case he isn't gay then just wait what happens on friday.

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    Op is a gay male, he is trying to find out if this guy he likes is also gay or not people who seem confused. If i were you, i'd just ask him because his actions seem just friendly to me, nothing homosexual.
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    Ask him ? Me and my best friends all do what you described above... and we're clearly not gay (to the best of my knowledge).

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    To be honest with you if it's the first days, perhaps he's just trying to make friends with someone since it always pays to be out-going and social in the first few weeks/months when starting somewhere new. The fact he says he has a girlfriend is a pretty big sign he might not be gay. Not trying to dampen your hopes but just fathom it out before you potentially scare him off and hurt yourself.

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    Go with the flow for a bit, and gradually let him in on your sexual orientation (if he doesn't already know).

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    Break into his house, and wait for him on his bed using the naked man technique.

    20% of the time, it works EVERY time.

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    Assuming you're a gay male...I'd say your friend is a bit bi-curious.

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    Sounds like he asked you on a date. Maybe he's Bi or Bi-curious, you might want to sort that out, or just wait till he's drunk and you're alone together and see what happens.

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    meh I doubt he's interested, but it sounds like you could be friends.

    even if he is gay or whatnot, he claims a girlfriend, I just wouldn't bring this stuff up. it'd imply you've been stalking, actively looking up this information. o_O

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