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    My problem is that I don't have the ability to call the customer service line, I can't sit on an international call for three hours. And yes I have been e-mailed twice saying that they fixed the issue. And yes I did write the security questions down, my guess it is it was a typing error on my part in the answer. Regardless of everything any of you have just said, they need a more effective way around the issue, e-mail recovery perhaps? They can't just expect people to have to pay for three hours of international calls to be able to fix an issue as minimal as this, it's now hours before the game launches and i'm still locked out, I'm at the point now where I'm seriously about to go and buy a new product code.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kwickslash View Post
    Is this the same guy as yesterday?
    I am almost positive that this is a troll who just dislikes swtor.
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    193're mad...because you fail?

    Also keep in mind this is the week their launching the failed at a fail time to fail.

    That being said...have you not dealt with Blizzard in that situation? It's not much better and the game has been out for 7 years....yet last year I sat in a Customer Service queue for 2 hours...just to have the person not able to help me AND I had to call back the following day because they were "closing" and the next rep was unavailable [doesn't mean this is at all true, but this is what I was told].

    And my issue wasn't nearly as complicated as yours....just saying'....Sounds like you failed miserably and are mad that they couldn't fix it easily.

    I don't imagine that issue is going to come up nearly as often as you think, I don't know many people who setup a security question they can't answer easily.....

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    A little birdie told me Jeff Hickman (WAR) is in charge of Customer Support. Not much else to say really, lol.

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