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    Theory crafting subsection possible?

    Was just wondering if there was any way we could maybe get two subsections for the SWTOR forums. I'm grateful that MMO-Champ even has a forum at all, considering this is a World of Warcraft (and apparently Diablo 3) site. But with it being a new game there are a lot of posts from those inquiring about the game, as well as those incredible WoW-Swtor debates, rate the game after 30 hours played, how many preorders do you think, etc. etc, that really deserve a "General Discussion" section. This is great as it represents a lot of strong interest in the game.

    However it would be great if we could get a section of the forums dedicated to actual theory crafting. Whether it be the best way to hold threat, the best path to level biochem, the best way to get a companion to like you while maintaining your light/dark side persona, etc. I love the community here on mmo-c, but over the course of the last week I've found myself avoiding this section because there was just too much "general discussion" threads filling up the pages. A friend and I 2-manned (and our companions) the level 25 flashpoint 'Mandalorian Raiders' at level 21 last night, and at no point when we were struggling to defeat the 4 Republic bosses did I ever think to come here and see what kill order people used, because the first 10 pages are filled with discussing opinions and not anything actually helpful for people who would rather be playing the game than discussing the game.

    General Discussion is great and going back and forth with people on opinions is a lot of fun, I'm not condemning it. But maybe, just maybe, we can have a different section dedicated to topics that actually improve game play?

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    i whole heartedly agree, having to look through several pages worth of random chatting to find the guide or helpful hint posts is very annoying. not that random chatting is bad, but it is a little determinant to finding what we need here.

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